Anne Curtis, nagmukhang baklang maton

Anne Curtis, nagmukhang baklang maton

Anne-CurtisNAGMUKHANG BAKLANG maton si Anne Curtis sa latest pictorial niya which surfaced in one very popular website.

Wearing a two-piece swimsuit in black, Anne looks unflattering sa pictorial niyang iyon. Nawala ang feminine look niya, nagmukha siyang baklang maskulada.

Anne was all muscles in the photo shoot na ewan kung ipo-photoshop. Hindi maganda ang curves niya, walang kakurba-kurba ang katawan niya. Ang legs naman niya ay namamaga sa muscles. Pati biceps niya ay meron ding muscles.

Not surprisingly, everyone had nasty comments against her.

“Woman should embrace the womanly body like curves, edges, cellulites, stretch marks etc etc.. We should not be mascular and try to look like a man.”

“Anlaki ng pata ang baba ng balakang. Ah ewan annedumi.”

“anne is losing her star appeal. dami na kasing bata and magaganda. slowly mawawala na ang shine nya if d sya iisip how to make herself relevant again.”

Those were the few nasty comments that we saw.

One defended the ambisyosa girl and said, “First of all, it takes hard work and proper diet to achieve definition like that. Y’all have no idea how many sessions you need to get lean and toned. Some people work at it most of their lives and kung mka comment kayo napaka ignorante.”

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas