Andrew E madaling natanggap ang pagkalaos

Leo Bukas

ALAM ng actor-rapper na si Andrew E na kumupas na ang kanyang popularity. Tanggap daw niya ito.

Ani Andrew E, “That day I happened to taste fame is the day I accepted that it’s already gone, para mas madali sa akin.

Andrew E madaling natanggap ang pagkalaos
Andrew E.

“Kasi fame is not like a bag of coins na okey, I got group of coins here put it on my pocket and it will stay forever, hindi ganun ang fame, eh. Even before I entered the scene and the arena of showbiz I already knew from others, from people inside, from what I watched sa TV, sa movie and all that it could be your friend, best friend or it could be your worst enemy. And at the end of the tunnel, end of the line, tipong you could be happy enjoying your fame or you could be crying all in one corner and saying na it’s all gone.”

Patuloy pa niyang paliwanag, “So for me, the moment you achieve it, tell yourself this is what I did, probably 30 years ago, tell yourself na the day I have it is the day I lost it. Para the next day around it will be easier to accept kung mawala man o hindi and that’s for me would be a witty acceptance of the word fame.

“Sabi ng aking lolo kung mataas ang bituin huwag mong abutin. Kasi kahit isang daang taon hindi mo maabot yan. Pero abutin mo ang lupa sa loob ng kalahating segundo mahahawakan mo yan. So there’s happiness in doing what is easy not to gain fame, what is easy is to show your talent – that would be the easiest.”

Isa si Andrew E sa mga judges ng reality singing competition na Born To Be A Star ng Viva Entertainment na mapapanood sa TV5.