Alden Richards, may beki lover?

Alden Richards, may beki lover?

Alden-RichardsIT APPEARS that there is a demolition job on Alden Richards. Clearly, Alden is the most popular male celebrity today and the price he has to pay is kinda high. Lately kasi, photos of him with a beki keep on surfacing on social media. Kaliwa’t kanang fan pages ang naglabasan ng photos niya, apparently wishing people would be disillusioned with those photographs.

The pictures showed Alden with a gay organizer ng mga bikini open. Others say that the gender-bender was a huge fan of the actor, na sinasabing president daw ng isang fan club ng actor.

Clearly, close na close si Alden sa beki as revealed by those photos. There was even one which had them wearing identical shorts. ‘Yung isang shot naman ay nakaupo ang beki sa lap ni Alden habang nasa pool. It was a group photo, parang fans yata ni Alden na nag-decide na mag-night swimming kasama ang actor. Obviously, luma na ang mga photos, taken when he was not yet the Alden Richards that he is today. In short, hindi pa siya sikat noon.

Apparently, there are people who want to tarnish Alden’s image which has remained unsullied until now. By making the pictures resurface, parang pinalalabas na merong beki lover ang actor kahit wala naman.

Currently, Alden is wrapping up work for his first album. Meron ding chika na he’s gonna star in a solo concert at the Araneta soon.

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas