Aktor, muntik nang maeskandalo sa paghaha-hunting ng lalaki noong kanyang kabataan!

WHEN HE was younger ay may pagka-adventurous pala ang actor na ito when it comes to sex.

The actor swings both ways, meaning, AC-DC or puwede sa lalaki, puwede rin sa babae.

One time, nakatihan ng actor na mamick-up sa isang park famous for cruising gays. When he found one, he decided to do it inside his car.

Problem is, a patrol car arrived and saw the actor’s car moving in slow motion. Curious, the police checked and found the actor in uncompromising situation with a guy. They hauled the lovers in the nearby precinct.

Not wanting to make a scandalous headline the next day the actor coughed more than a hundred thousand so that he can get out of that messy situation without any fanfare.

(By Alex Brosas )