2016 Metro Manila Film Festival #reelvolution launching, matagumpay

2016 Metro Manila Film Festival #reelvolution launching, matagumpay

Launching of 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival #reelvolution
Launching of 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival #reelvolution

Matagumpay ang Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016 super grand launch na #reelvolution last June 28 sa SMX Convention Center sa Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, kung saan nagsilbing host sina Iza Calzado at Epi Quizon.

Ito na yata ang pinakabongga at pinakaengrandeng launching ng Metro Manila Film Festival na aming naaalala at nadaluhan.

May mga bagong guidlines ang MMFF 2016 ayon kay MMDA Chairman Emmerson Carlos:

  1. There are 2 types of competition in the MMFF. (Full-Length Feature Film Section and Short Film Section)
  2. Requirements for joining the full-length feature film section (3 copies of the duly completed application form, synopsis (1 page, not more than 300 words ), hard drive containing the film entry in DCP (JPEG 2000) or non-DCP (MP4, Avi), a brief resume/ background of the producer, filmmakers filmography, entry fee of Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000) in cash, manager’s check or proof of deposit to the MMFF account (PNB Combo Account /Account Name: Metro Manila Film Festival/ Account number 138466200019). There shall be an early bird period of submission on or before September 28, 2016 which will have a discounted entry fee of Thirty Thousand Pesos (P30,000).
  3. Requirements for Short Films: 3 Copies of the duly completed application form, Synopsis (1 page, not more than 300 words); Hard Drive containing the film entry in DCP format (JPEG 2000); A brief resume/ background of the producer.
  4. 8 Full-Length Finalists will be chosen  as official entries along with 8 shorts films; but there shall be 2 alternates based on next -in-rank which shall replace the finalist in case of pull-out or disqualification.
  5. The criteria for selecting the 8 films are Story, Audience Appeal, Overall Impact (40%) – mainly the Story; Cinematic  Attributes/ Technical Excellence (40%) – mainly its cinematic quality; Global Appeal (10%) – this is a catch-all, mainly the film’s universality, its ability to be appreciated by local and international audience; Filipino Sensibility (10%) – how does it reflect the Pinoy experience.
  6. The Execom has appointed a nine-member body known as the competition committee composed of individuals prominent in their own fields and possess unquestionable integrity to select the 8 official entries to be announced on Nov. 10, 2016; and there is no limit to the number of submission from interested producers.

Ilan pa nga sa pagbabago ng 2016 MMFF ay: the required submission is now finished films and not scripts , there is also a value system shift box-office consideration to the above-mentioned criteria, there is no distinction between mainstream and independent film entries, there are no cash prizes for the winners, the awards night now is at the tail end of the festival in order to avoid unduly influencing audiences in their viewing choices, the best child actor award was scrapped to give way to the MMFF Children’s Choice Awards .

Bukod nga sa malaking pagbabago sa taunang MMFF, maraming mga naging pakulo sa grand launching ng MMFF mula sa pa-buena mano na 10 early bird winners (P2T SM GCs); 5 minor raffle items (P3T SM GCs); 1 major raffle item (Technomarine watch); and 1 super major raffle item (P10T cash). Kaya naman nakangiti at masayang umuwi ang mga working press na naimbitahan.

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by John Fontanilla