TGP continues to shine brightly with the country’s Star for All Seasons

Vilma SantosTHE PHILIPPINES’ Star for All Seasons Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto chooses to partner once again with the country’s largest drugstore chain for a new multi-media campaign that is set to go full blast by November this year.

Santos-Recto stars in the new The Generics Pharmacy® (TGP) TV Commercial featuring the TGP Paracetamol, the company’s first private label generic medicine that is just as effective as other more expensive and well-known brands in relieving fever and/or pain.

The new TGP Paracetamol’s retail price is P1.00 per tablet or one-third the price of the leading brand and one-fifth the price of the innovator drug.

Known for more than just her acting prowess, Santos-Recto’s pro-health advocacy campaign in the province of Batangas where she is now in her third term as Governor, is one of the main factors why TGP chose her to represent their brand in the first place.

“Vilma Santos-Recto is more than just a celebrity, she is an icon and a highly-respected public servant that shares the same vision and values as we do with regard to healthcare, making her the obvious choice as our brand endorser,” explained TGP President and CEO Benjamin I. Liuson.

He furthered, “In fact, she has already started a massive health campaign in her home province to promote awareness on the use of generics as an alternative to more affordable yet still equally safe and effective medicines.”

On her part, Santos-Recto added that TGP has greatly supported her feat to provide means for those Filipinos who cannot afford expensive hospitals and medicines in Batangas. “I am lucky enough to have TGP,” she said. “With them by my side, I was able to continue my mission to help out more people by improving the healthcare system in our province.”

“To date, we have already rehabilitated 12 district hospitals, procured several facilities and equipment, and carried out medical missions all over Batangas. At the end of the day, health will always remain as our top priority,” she continued.

Getting a credible and widely known personality like Santos-Recto to be the face of its brand has enabled TGP to further enhance its image as a company that prefers only the best and highest quality of healthcare for its customers.

Today, TGP has over 1,600 franchised outlets nationwide that are ready to serve Filipinos with excellent customer service and a wide selection of high quality generic medicines that are equally safe and effective as off-patent branded medicines.



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