FIRST LOVE, SIYEMPRE si Kim. She was my first love.” Ito ang walang kakurap-kurap at walang kagatul-gatol na pag-amin ni Gerald Anderson during his live interview on The Buzz.

Kung marami ang tiyak na kinilig, marami rin ang si-guradong nanghihinayang kung totoo ang balita that they have separated in real life although they never really admitted na na-ging sila. Kung inyong matatandaan, inamin sa akin noon ni Gerald sa The Buzz na nagkaroon sila ng special relationship ni Kim. (Pero ang suspetsa ng ilan, they’re back in each other’s arms!)

Looking back, malayo na ang kanilang nilakbay na magkasama sa showbiz since they came from the hit reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. Si Kim ang Chinese Cutie from Cebu, he was the Amboy Hottie from GenSan. Since their PBB days, the public saw their image transformation dahil kung noon ay pa-tweetums ang kanilang mga roles, ngayon naman ay naging mas daring na sila sa kanilang mga projects, mapa-series man o pelikula.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with their charms? And how could they resist each other’s charms kung lagi nga naman silang magkasama sa set from sunrise to sunset na madalas umaabot pa till early dawn?

Kimerald is undoubtedly one of the country’s hottest loveteams in the history of local showbiz. Walang duda that Kim and Gerald make a lovely pair. And whether they like it or not, kakabit na nila ang pangalan ng isa’t isa. Anino na nila ang bawat isa. When talking to Kim, hindi puwedeng hindi mabanggit ang pangalan ni Gerald sa usapan and vice versa.

Sa rami ba naman ng kanilang mga nagawang projects na magkasama tulad ng mga television series like Aalog-Alog, Gokada Go, Sana Maulit Muli, My Girl, Tayong Dalawa, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo at mga pelikulang First Day High, I’ve Fallen for You, Paano Na Kaya?, and Till My Heartaches End ay nakasanayan na natin na sila ang la-ging magkasama.

In this business, we have to love our jobs knowing that we are so fleeting, both our jobs and us. You fade into oblivion when you don’t make the right moves. Alam nina Kim at Ge-rald ito. They need to expand and grow in their respective careers. I think the public has to get used to seeing them working with different partners from now on.

Gerald is now paired with Sarah Geronimo in the movie Catch Me… I’m In Love na malapit nang ipalabas sa mga sinehan. Trailer pa lang ng pelikulang ito ay alam mo nang blockbuster ito.

Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

Points of Boy
by Boy Abunda

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  1. I beg to disagree that Gerald cheated on Kim. According to Gerald, He and Kim had a special relationship. As far as I know, There was never an admission that they are a couple. I truly believe that Gerald will not cheat on Kim. He and Kim must have a mutual agreement that they give each other space to grow and get to know other people. But because of the network’s control over them as a loveteam, Gerald cannot date other women openly. So secretly, Gerald pursued Bea and sadly had to deny having a relationship with her because his hands are tied and can’t do anything else, but eventually admitted it which is a gentlemanly thing to do. To spare the two women from more hurt and condemnation from fans, Gerald decided to end his brief romance with Bea. I do not fault Gerald for feeling something special towards other women. He is young and is not ready to settle down or perhaps saw that he has been with Kim for so long and realized that he cannot grow as an individual. His name is always attached to Kim and vice versa. We must admitt that we are only human and our emotions do run wild sometimes. One has to experience emotional maturity before he/she can truly say, they are ready for a real serious relationship. They are both young. They have a whole life ahead of them. There’s someone out there for them and destiny will lead them to that person. And then we can all be happy for them.

  2. Barbara D. Miller, AMEN!

    I’m also a mom 2X + the ages of Kim & Gerald & they’re truly a very lovely, charming couple.  A young love torpedoed in the ballistic showbiz cluttered w/ temptations.  With the many reconciliatory remarks of Kim & Gerald from their UNSCRIPTED interviews after their break-up — the probability that they will reconcile is very high.  It’s rare to find a woman who is eventually happy & super-friends with her ex-lover who cheated on her.  Her ex- who is so welcomed back into her family/friendly gatherings; her confidence in time of needs — back into her life actually.

    The very fodder for their probable reconciliation.  God-willing, may their time apart now make them realize their true value to each other.  Once in a lifetime TRUE LOVE.  For Kim to defend Gerald as he is not really a bad person speaks volumes.  That Gerald must have really loved her more than hurt her!  And their The Buzz interview on 10.24.2011 is solid gold proof of their true love for each other.  Kim’s joy in their lambingan — speaks volumes.  She really loves the guy!  That’s shortly their so-called break-up, because he cheated on her w/ Bea Alonzo.  

    I find Kim fascinating — TRULY stunning, in & out!  God-willing, may they find themselves again in each other’s arms!

  3. congratulations to kim and allan guzman for their wonderful performances in maalaala mo kaya episode entitled “kape”

  4. I’ve been reading all the comments fm people & agreed that the KIMERALD  is the best loveteam there ever was.   I first  saw them in Maulit-ulit teleserye & just fell in love w/those two.  Since then I’ve watched all their shows & even read & looked up about their biography, saw all their PBB-Teen days, videos.  I’m a Lola but I really love their sweet, innocent  young love.  Reminds me the good old days of my youth when boys courted a girl & the same way the boys courted my daughters.  From the last interview in the BUZZ  of Charlene w/them,  it seems like they’re very much close as ever & might someday really get back together again when they’re older & ready.  If they ever end up together, all the filipinos  in the world will celebrate, especially Gerald’s Mom who loves Kim very much.  Kim is a girl any mother would want for a son to bring home.  Look what  she has accomplished in her young age.  She has a good head on her shoulders plus she’s a good girl.  Gerald would be a fool to lose her for she’s beautiful in & out.    I love & enjoy seeing them in teleseries, all the shows they appear on, & movies ( I even go by myself which I never did before since none of friends are Hawaiian born & don’t understand tagalog but I was lucky enough to  pick up the language when I worked for Phil Airlines many years ago).  So I hope to see more of Kimerald on TFC.   

  5. bihira lang me humanga sa mga artista but these two young couple theyre very lovely & heavens pair. perfect chemistry. Wait na lang hwg pag awayan peace love & harmony

  6. i never watched anyloveteam before but when my friend told about this two i followed them since then. i’m amazed by the two of them. i don’t know but there is something different about them than the rest.i studied their body language and the way they interact with one another. i been living here in canada for 31 years and it’s been a blessing that i found h kim and gerald. even if i’m just watching them in t.v. or in the internet. sana matupad iyong pray and wish ko na they get back together.if kim will dance in asap at her birthday with gerald a lyrical dance i will dedicate it to my friend who passed away last month. she rea llgive my message to kim and gerald that they are y loved kim and gerald. she’s the one who encourage me to watch them. right now if i don’t see any kim or gerald in asap i don’t watch it any more. please give my message to kim and gerald that they are in my prayers all the time. i hope that they will get back together and my friend will be very, veery happy. she loved kim and gerald very much. thank you mr abunda. if you can read this message i don’t know if you got the x’mas card i send you last x’mas with bianca. i addressed through abs-cbn. thanks.

    • bwelta, ha!ha!ha!, sorry parang hindi yata magkasya si Kim sa mga baga namin maski ano pang pilit naming isaksak sya, he!he!he!, mas malaki yata si Kim keysa mga baga namin. Peace, he!he!he! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ☺☻

  7. sinungaling talaga kahit kelan ang anderson na to…. sana hindi na magkaroon ng project si kim na kasama ang UNGAS na to….

  8. Maria, looks like i can't do live streaming anymore. My cable company will start charging for data usage soon and it's not just a small amount of money. Hindi na ako pwedeng manood ng paborito kong palabas sa tv. There's nothing i can do but to wait for my fav shows via TFC/GMA and hate waiting. Sana hindi na lang binago ng ABS-CBN ang oras ng kanilang mga show. :-(

    • Orkidia, are you really serious? Sino ang cable company mo? Yong TFC ko is from our local cable, sometimes the receiption is so bad, static ang picture tingnan, so i cannot really watch the whole show, so I go to the internet to watch it the next day. Nakakairita talaga. At yong pinoyonline.tv na sinabi ko sa yo, you are right kasi i tried, nagtransfer na yata so I clicked on the tambayan website na bago na binigay nila and I was able to watch the shows in that website at hindi pa naman ako na virus. Orkidia, palagi na ako ngayon nakikinig sa dzmm at nakakatawa yong showbiz mismo nina jobert sucalcedo ba yon. I am trying to listen to tita swarding too pero kailangan ko pang i transfer ang time difference kasi di ba 11:00 a.m yong sa kanya. Yong cable mo will start charging for data usage? Hindi ba unlimited internet ang plan mo? I think ours is unlimited yata, parang halos lahat yata ng cable unlimited usage ang ino offer nila. sino yong cable company mo?

  9. We dont wish for Kim Chiu to be pair once again w/ an asshole Gerald.

    Let her move on and enjoy her life. Di hamak namang sikat si Kim kaysa tarantadong yun

    We will continue to support Kimmy regardless kung sino ang ka partner nya. Tantanan na ang pag li-link ng pangalan nilang dalawa.

    • Ako rin, I like Kim and I don't really care kung sino ang screen partner nya as long as Kim is happy. Iyon lang ang importante sa akin, yong happiness.

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