Suspected Gay, malagkit ang tingin sa ka-tandem ng nagwaging relative na pulitiko

KAPANIWALAAN NATIN, hindi marunong magsinungaling ang bata. Idamay na rin natin ang camera, it does not lie what it sees though its lens.

Hagip na hagip ng TV camera ang tila malagkit na tingin ng isang suspected gay relative ng isang nagwaging pulitiko sa ka-tandem nito. Kung tutuusin, the “gay’s” object of desire—despite his age—has maintained his yummy looks.

The not-so-young but definitely not-so-old politician na tinititigan ng umano’y bading seated behind him ay guwapo pa rin. Balita nga noon na ang pulitikong ‘yon, during his teenage years, ay nagkaroon din ng ilang karanasan sa bading.

By Ronnie Carrasco III

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12 thoughts on “Suspected Gay, malagkit ang tingin sa ka-tandem ng nagwaging relative na pulitiko

      • Wow! I did not know that. So, german moreno was actually jude’s high school sweetheart and not his present wife. 

  1. he is jude, having a sweet glance @ isko. Jude had a relationship with another younger actor during his time if I am not mistaken during lotlot de leon time. its an open book

  2. ay naku huh . . si Jude Estrada yan feeling ko. kasi dati pa yang nababalita eh . . . although not sure kung sya nga nahuli sa lente.

  3. The object of desire must be isko morales, vice mayor of manila.  The relative of erap must be jinggoy estrada who i believe is rumored to be gay.

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