Good day Mr. Raffy Tulfo,

I am writing to ask for your help. My brother went to your office last Friday and was asked by your staff to leave some important papers for you to read later on.

It is about an autopsy report and a police/barangay blotter about my nephew Rene “Kiboy” Galon Ausente na nalasing at nakaalitan iyong kasamahan niyang tricycle driver noong Decemeber 4, 2010, bandang 5:00 pm.

He was brought to the office of barangay chairman Raymundo Sosa for investigation. After that he was brought to the Mulawin, Tanza, Cavite police headquarters. Dinala siya sa selda ni SPO1 Rabara at radioman Jessie Lumantad na nakitang may bitbit na dos por dos, ayon sa aming saksi na siya mismong nakaalitan ng aking pamangkin. Magkaibigan sila kaya kahit medyo nagkaalitan sila ay nag-alala siya at hinanap niya si Kiboy sa presinto but the police there denied his whereabouts.

Iyon pala ay sa kadahilanang patay na ang pamangkin ko. He was brought to the hospital but was declared D.O.A. The cause of his death according to the autopsy report was Traumatic Glands, pigtas iyong atay at bato niya. Pinagpapalo ang buong katawan niya at puro pasa siya.

This incident happened with the knowledge of the chief of police Col. Em Sanque, deputy chief Capt. Noceda and PO1 Darwin Jaime. I was wondering how these guys allowed such brutality inside their station. This is murder! Ilang tao na ang napatay nila? Hindi naman aso iyong pamangkin ko para paghahampasin nila ng kahoy. He is drunk, anong laban niya?

These kind of policemen are cowards and losers. Policemen are supposed to be the guardians of the people, we are supposed to come to them for help but the way I see it, perhaps criminals are more humane than them. Lantaran ang pagbitbit ni Rabara at Lumantad ng kahoy, ibig sabihin nito lagi na nila itong ginagawa. Walang silbi ang mga taong ito, dapat sila ang ilagay sa loob nang selda at pagpapaluin din.

I, in behalf of my family, would like to ask for your help. Please help us nail and expose those guys (Rabara and Lumantad). We want justice for the crime they had committed. Lahat ba nang dadalhin doon ay papatayin nila? What kind of people are they?

Your reputation as sumbungan ng mga naapi is being heard and watched nationwide. We are begging you to please help us. We are poor but good and honest citizens, working hard just to survive. Please sir, spare us some time to read the report. If you need more evidence like pictures of the dead body of my nephew I can make an arrangement to have my brother deliver it to your office.

Currently, we are still looking for a PAO lawyer to assist us in filing a case versus those people.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this e-mail. More power and God bless.


Fara of Lilo-an, Cebu

Shooting Range
Raffy Tulfo


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