Sarah Geronimo, inilalayo na ng ina kay Gerald Anderson?!

ay pinapakita ni Mommy Divine na botong-boto siya kay Gerald Anderson para sa anak niyang si Sarah Geronimo, ngayon ay nakararamdam na raw ng hindi maganda ang binata sa madir ng aktres.

Tama ba ang narinig naming nagkakalabuan na ngayon sina Gerald at Sarah all because of Mommy Divine?

Naikuwento raw ni Gerald sa isang close friend niya na hindi na sila gaanong nagkakasama ni Sarah ngayon. It appears na may kinalaman daw dito ang madir ng aktres na si Mommy Divine. Parang ayaw na itong pasamahin sa kanya.

If in the past ay pumapayag si Mommy Divine na mag-date silang dalawa lang, ngayon ay hindi na raw ito puwede.

Bakit tila nawalan yata ng tiwala si Mommy Divine kay Gerald? Dahil ba umiral na naman sa kanya ang pagiging over protective sa kanyang anak? Is it because of rumors that aside from Sarah, Gerald is dating other young women na mostly ay hindi taga-showbiz?

Or is it because just like Rayver Cruz ay talagang ayaw niyang paligawan ang kanyang anak sa kanino mang taga-showbiz?

Which is which, Mommy Divine?

We’ll see kung aapir si Gerald sa birthday concert ni Sarah next week.


SOCIALITE AND realty-heir Divine Lee is like a manna from heaven ng mga bading. She is a self-confessed babaeng bakla and we found out that she’s not kidding.

Although she’s very straight, she’s  a member pala of LADLAD, an LGBT organization. One year na pala siyang member ng nasabing organization.

“Kasi kasama ko po buong buhay ko ay mga bakla,” she unabashedly shared.

Hindi nahiya si Ms. Lee na itsikang four times siyang nagpasundo kay Victor Basa sa gay bar.

“Kasi siya lang po ang nauuto ko. Eh, apat na beses akong walang ride kaya nagpasundo ako sa kanya,” tsika ng host ng Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines.

Nagustuhan niya si Victor dahil nakita niya rito ang pagmamahal sa kanyang pamilya.

“Gusto ko po talaga na mapagmahal sa pamilya kasi kapag naging kayo, ganoon ang pakitungo niya sa ‘yo. Ang daming beses niyang tatawagan ang kapatid niya o kaya pagkagaling sa taping ay susunduin niya ang kapatid niya bago siya umuwi. Effort ‘yun eh, kasi madali namang pasundo sa driver pero ba’t gugustuhin niya ang susundo?” sabi ni Divine.

“Optimistic siya at kung ano ‘yung nasa cause niya, ‘yun talaga ‘yung ipaglalaban niya. She love equality which I respect highly,” tsika naman ni Victor.

Ms. Lee is grateful for the opportunity given her by TV5 bilang isa sa hosts ng nasabing show.

“Parang ‘yung nakikita ng tao, parang socialite. So nabigyan nila ako ng chance na maipakita ko ang sarili ko,” sabi niya.

While doing the show, “na-realize ko na napakasuwerte namin. Parang ang dami nating tine-take for granted. Kumbaga everyday ‘yung bahay nila ‘yung ginagawa mo. Doon ko na-realize na ang suwerte ko. Paglabas ko ng kuwarto ko ay ayan lang ‘yung banyo. Sila lalabas pa. ‘Yung tine-take for granted natin everyday ay doon ko natutunan sa Extreme Makeover.”
Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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90 thoughts on “Sarah Geronimo, inilalayo na ng ina kay Gerald Anderson?!

  1. Sana huwag na lang natin panghimasukan ang buhay nila. Desisyun ng dalawa kung magiging sila sa bandang huli lalo na kay Sarah…Sana huwag ring manghimasok masyado nanay niya kasi ang laging kawawa eh ang anak niya.

  2. mga gago pala kayo, di ba s alex ang nagsulat noon na syota niya si sarah pero di kayo naniwala. kasi nga mga bobo kayo. TANGA kayo talagang fans ni Sarah. mga FANTARDS, retarded kayo. puro kayo tanggol sa idol nyo na walang kapintasan.

    • You watch what words come out of your mouth, kasama sa “10 Commandments” ang “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor!”  I’ll make a wild guess that you actually in all honesty do not know Sarah Geronimo personally at all, including Gerald, and that you’ve never even once was able to be near any of them and talk to them about anything under the sun!!!!  Karma word you should be worried about.  

  3. Maybe there’s a valid reason. Kasi meron ding history na pagiging babaero ni Gerald although it wasn’t confirmed. Extra ingat lang siguro ang nanay ni Sarah and that’s what mother’s are for di ba? Protective lang sya siguro. Sarah and Gerald seems to be a nice couple, nanghihinayang lang ako kay Kim. Pero ganyan talaga ang buhay sa showbiz.

    • Remember, ayaw din ni Mommy Divine si Rayver ke Sarah noon. And in time, she was proven right why. Me mga gut feel ang mothers only they understand. So, Mommy Divine’s change of heart with regards to Gerald has a valid reason. Kim is now in a happier place, she is now a stronger person after her heartbreak. There were reports before that after Bea dumped him, Gerald was trying to reconcile with Kim, but Kim saidb no, she was better off without him. So after their 2nd movie, when Sarah opened up to Gerald, obvious that she liked him, Gerald made his move. If he is sincere, he should prove it and win the approval of Sarah’s parents.

      • I agree on you on that concern.  If really Gerald meant each and every words he uttered in all his interviews eversince the time they started to work together (February 2011, the WLI concert of SG w/ MNievera, where he first made known his intention to maybe visit Sarah at their house one of those days, maybe then not w/ so much emotion yet,  so unlike now), all about how great a woman Sarah is, endearing qualities of Sarah, girlfriend material, and the greatest is Sarah’s being a “wife-material.  Why then did he decide to stop pursuing Sarah????   Why then did he made Sarah feel the pain of being “left”, again???  He surely realizes before stopping that Sarah would be so hurt and in pain if he so decide to stop???  In all his interviews, never once did he find any fault in Mom Divine’s being over-protective of Sarah.  He said he understood where Mom D’s coming.   So why now (as the two until now refuse to give any statement/s to shed light on the matter, and to appease the hurting hundreds of thousands of fans they two have) Mom D’s relentless and unyielding protection of Sarah comes out as the main reason he stopped?  It is none of Gerald’s obligation to change Mom D’s punto de vista on how she protects Sarah.  Everyone is entitled to their own, in any aspect, but one has to respect that.  BUT, it is Gerald’s time, when he decided to court Sarah last Feb, to show the intensity of his feelings towards Sarah.  To be steady and persistent in his attempt to win Sarah’s heart.  To be consistent with his words and actions, and to leave no unturned stone just so Sarah’s parents would finally see his true worth.  Only then can you prove your pure intention, as you claim so.  But with your decision to stop this early (6months is not that so long, much more because there was no “spade or arrow” that once was hurled at you  to prevent you from pursuing Sarah)  is simply so hard for us, your fans, to understand.  And no matter what transpired really, it leaves our dear Sarah grieving again.  We just hope you still continue to make efforts to know how  she’s doing, you still watch her on SG Live (you both claim to be working on being the best of friends, first), and if so, you’d see her crying even before cameras for the world to see.  Praying that you’d realize she’s worth the fight and she’s definitely worth the wait, when she’s all ready (maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, who knows).  You know that Sarah indeed has feeling for you.  She maybe does not know how to express and fight for it now.  Just give her time, PLEASE!!!

    • Gerald should be patient and try to win the approval of Sarah’s parents. Pero, mukhang bawas pogi points ke Mommy Divine and message niya sa Sara G, Live, for Sarah. The one about time, “time lost may never be found again.” Seems naiinip na siya, Sarah being indecisive about his courting her. He is putting pressure on Sarah to decide for herself. Message should have been that he is willing to wait for how long it will take, no matter what. That way, Mommy Divine might see if his intentions are pure. Love is patient…..ika nga.

      • oo nga Maria, naging impatient na siguro si Ge…
        but come to think of it, he has been single since 2009, right?…and the first time he made known to the world he likes Sarah was February of last year yet (indirectly though, sa WLI concert)…since then i’ve read and seen videos of his being consistent, at least…we’ve never heard him praise other girls, though linked sometimes but that’s how showbiz is…since then, it was all about Sarah…and to think neither of them were doing any projects together that would need some “promo-promo” at the expense of the other…he showed and expressed his feelings for Sarah consistently….and we saw more than chemistry between them whenever they were together, we were thrilled always just as they were, and realized at one point that love was present already, without abate…
        well, i agree…not once has Gerald stated he’s willing to wait for Sarah, even w/o saying any time frame, just to say he’d wait, but none of it…not even when asked by Kris last Jul10, and again by Luis last Jul22 on SGL…so unlike Enchong when asked by Janice on SIR last Aug4 about Julia M, he replied by singing the song “kahit maputi na ang buhok ko”…though it was Gerald’s words that promises are made and broken everyday, what’s important to him is be the best person and be the best to that significant other…maybe he’s more on actions than words…maybe he was consistent w/ his statements, but it did not stood the test of  time…
        still, LOVE IS PATIENT, AND A TRUE ONE WAITS!!!  (wishing for a happy ending for them two, still w/ each other, amen!!) <3<3<3

    • Walang dapat panghinayangan ke Kim. After their separate projects, My Binondo Girl and Budoy, mas namayagpag ang career ni Kim, a movie with Vilma Santos, another teleserye with Xian, their loveteam is now the most popular. Only proves that Kim can fly without Gerald. But Gerald, he needs to revive his fame, he needs a powerful love team partner, kaya kailangan si Sarah. Mas kailangan ni Gerald si Sarah, Sarah is already a superstar on her own. What she needs and wants is a love life.

      • ay, hwag nman, hindi nman ganyan si Gerald, we’ve seen his sincerity and integrity  eversince i started viewing videos of him and Sarah since last year pa…until now he’s that same kind of person pa rin, kahit as of now may nasasabi tayo na sana ganun, sana ganito…but to think ill of him, na may motibo sya na iba, hindi naman…naalala ko nga sabi ni Direk Joey Reyes nuong presscon nila ni Kim last 2010, hindi ibig sabihin if hindi natuloy ang relasyon sa gusto nyong kahantungan nito, it does’nt mean na mali kayong 2, it means lang na not meant to be…and may keyword daw, “DESTINY”….

        correction pala on my “comment” above, hindi ata 2009 naging single si Ge, 2010 ata, sabay ata sila ni Sarah…

        also, comment ko po kay Alex, the author po…hindi nman po pala lahat ng written mo here is totoo…particularly yong statement na before pinapayagan ni Mom Divine si Sarah na mkipag-date kay Gerald before, and silang dalawa lang, na as of that date na sinulat mo po above eh hindi na puede….i’ve watched a video interview of Gerald last June ata about an issue that he’s dating or seen w/ a dancer (sexbomb ata, sorry forgot d not important details), and he looked somewhat irked by the issue, at the same time stating “eh kami nga ni Sarah hindi pa nagde-date”, something to that effect…..and that is one issue nga po di ba about Mommy D, so strict na kahit paglabas ni Sarah like even w/ friends, lalo pa a date, eh hindi talaga magawa…

  4. If TRUE, IF lang ha, then Mommy Divine must have a really good and legitimate reason why she doesn’t want Sarah to be in his company anymore. I don’t blame her for that. It’s not her being a control freak or being over protective, just her simply being a good mother, who is looking out for the best interest of her daughter. She must have discovered something that had her change her heart in regards to Gerald. What it is who knows… Must be something of a major turn off… If Sarah doesn’t protest then that will say a lot….


    • ngayon ito namng batang politiko!  na anak din ng politiko  mas gusto pa ata  ni mama divine!  galing  cam sur?  mas gusto pa ata  ng  non showbiz  kahit politiko! nakipag usap na minsan ung tatay ng batang politiko  kay   mama divine! magaling ung  politiko sa nanay dumederetso! ha!  kahit may gerald  gerald pa  yan! basta magulang inunang sinuyo!     at   maganda pakita! ayos yan!   magaling  manuyo! alam kung sinong tatargetin?  pero ako mukhang sa tipo ng batang politiko!   ayoko dun! mukhang  gusto lang makatikim ng bagong putahe!

  6. di ba iyang si divine lee ang anak ng nanggantso sa mga ofw!!! kaloka!!! pero mukha talaga syang bakla!!! I swear!!!

      • Hoy padivine divine ka pa dyan!!! Ibalik nyo pera ng mga ofw!!! Kapal ng mukha nyo!!! pasosyal ka pang mukhang bakla ka naman!!!

  7. e anong magagawa mahilig sa gwapong hotdog si manang sara!!! E di magbayad!!! O kaya atat si mommy divine kay gerald pero di sya pinapansin kasi kamukha syang aso!!! Bwa ha ha !!!

    • eh   bat ngsusuumiksik kayong mga hater? sino ngsabi sa inyo!  mgsumiksik kayo dito kung ayaw nyo kay sarah! ang dami dami artista! di ba? napaghahalata tuloy kayo! baka  isaka rin mahilig sa hotdog?  ang lalaki ng problema ng mga ingitera!     ang dami daming artista! dito kayo ngsusumiksik!     bakit ayaw nyo sa iba!  walng ngtiyatiyaga?

    • kapal ng mukha mong hayop na kupal ka… bastos ka makamura, si Gerald a g nag susumisiksik kay sarah at siya ang hahabol habol.

  8. Ganyan talaga ang mga magulang, di ko masisisi ang mommy ni Sara, pera, kasikatan, or ano pa man, gusto nyang protektahan anak Nya. Halatang walang magandang intensyon ang sino mang manligaw sa anak, hahadlang at hahadlang sila, pero nasa binata na yan, Kung mahal nila si Sarah, willing silang mag tiis, at ipakita nila na maganda intensyon nila

    • oo nga po….sabi nga eh, ” may the best man/person” win :))  
      so kung masigasig si Ge and hindi magpapatalo, mababagot and matatakot, mkukuha at makukuha rin nya loob ng parents ni Sarah, and most importantly, yong love ni Sarah….kasi nman di ba, eh talagang gusto nyo ang isa’t isa, then go for it, harangan man ng sibat…anyways, kayong 2 lang nman ang main characters sa next phase ng buhay nyo na gustong tahakin…though tayong pinoy it’s really innate in us na lahat sa pamilya dapat sama-sama…eh there are other instances nman n talagang kahit anong gawin ng isang tao, ayaw p rin s kanya….then the lovers should stick it out if they are sure of each other, and work hard to prove wrong those who opposed the union…good luck to Babe Ge and Bby Girl Sa, GOD bless!!!

      • He is not THAT popular. Bakit Box Office King na ba siya? What list again was he for top tax payers? One movie lang naman na naging 100M and that is with Sarah. FACT.  Lahat mga endorsements ni Sarah seems like gusto rin kunin nya..from Globe and then Jollibee..Ano ba endorsements ni Gerald na gusto rin si Sarah kunin? Wala kasi wala naman masyadong endorsements. Technically speaking at this moment jobless siya walang projects or tapings.  Si Sarah lang ang prino project para mag karoon ng projects.

  9. Worry si Mommy D, pera ba habol kay SG, remember dream magka Ferrari ng manliligaw and who could afford to buy the big boy toys except our dear Princess.

  10. Kung totoo man ang news na ito nkkalungkot naman,paano matutupad yung bday wish ni Sarah na maturity Kung hinahadlangan ng ina nya, Sana maexperience ni Sarah ang normal na umibig at mgkagusto halata naman na inspired sya ngayon, at mukhang sincere naman si Gerald, . Tama si Gerald, si Sarah pa rin ang mgdedecide in the end sa buhay nya pero not necessarily naman na magiging na magiging suwail syang anak.

  11. si sarah darating ung time!   na  sarili ang uunahin! bago siya mgasawa    nasa magandang puwesto pamilyaw niya! hindi naman kasi siya bastos at walnghiyang anak! katulad ng ibang artista nanunumbat pa sa pagtulong sa pamilya ok!   hindi siya katulad walng respeto,  walng modong anak kapatid!     ok!



      •   ngkamali  ng spelling thank  you sa paalala! isa lang naman ung ibig kong sabihin dito bakit  amg damimg artista nassulat kay sarah ngsusumiksik  ung karamihan! samntalang  ung pinangangalandakan ng  ibang hater dito!     na   hindi na pinauusapan si sarat! kayo   ung karamihan nga panay sak sak dito.. at makkita mo talaga! kung sino ang   sikat pag siya topic!   kaya nga ako!    nakkataw ung ibang  inis na inis kay sarah!   simple lang gawin nyo!  dun kayo sa paborito nyo artista mgkomento! kasi kahit isa hindi pinapansin!    talagang ako naniniwal sa survey!     wag na kayong lumayo! mgbilangan tayo! ng   mga bumuhos ang komento rito kapag si sarah topic lalo na nio kabayo writer!    wala daw panahon kay sarah kung di pulpol ang utak!  talgang sinusulat niya dahil    mabebenta ung  pahayagan! ganun yon!    kahit  anong kasiraan kay sarah!  bumabalik lang dun sa mga  ngkkoment ng negative!   bakit!  kayo rin makksagot kung martunong kayong mgisip!        ang daling ma get! bilangi nyo ung mga sinulat ni kabayo! sa dami9 kung para sa mga pinagssssabi niyang mas  sikat! kung    tanga talaga!  mas sikat daw kuno!  aminin nyo o hindi    talagang    kapag si sarah topic  pinaguusapan yan talaga sikat ! kapg hindi kana  pinaguusapan at hindi pinapansin bawat kilos mo ! matakot  ka na!   ngtataka ako!  ako manniwalang   tapos na ang time ni sarah kapag naubos na detractors! hangat nandiyan yan!  laging pinaguusapan!          nandiyan pa rin yan! pupusta pa kayo  ! talo naman ung iba rito! dahil siguradong hindi makatiis ang tumbong kapag hindi ngkomment about sarah!

      • pano mo alam na puta ang ina nyan? siguro kinadyot mo nanay nya no? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  14. I am just wondering where all these nonsense is coming from. When you watch Sarah’s actions on Sarah G Live, it is the complete opposite of what you read in the news. Remember the time mommy D was thought to have pushed Sarah to fall for Gerald because apparently he has money and a career? Now she is in the center of another controversy apparently trying to keep Sarah away from Gerald? True or not, Sarah is in control now of her life when it comes to her love life. Gerald deserves to be treated with respect. He is not what people think. He is a decent man and has proven to Sarah and her parents that he only has good intentions and will not do anything stupid to jeopardize the special friendship he has with Sarah and her family and also his career.  Good things are coming his way because he is a good man and a good man deserves a good nd decent girl and her name is Sarah.

  15. mas mukang lalake pa si sarah kesa kay gerald sa pics.

    nakahalata kasi si mommy ni sarah na di sya tototohanin ni gerald, palipasan lang kasi ni gerald si sarah gaya ng ibang babae. mukang sawa na rin naman si gerald kay sarah eh kaya ok lang kung ilayo ng nanay nya si sarah kesa nga naman mabuntis.


  16. i honestly believed it is all concocted loveteam publicity – their actions states their pa showbiz effects – showbiz na showbiz loveteam, too much inconsistencies and blown out of proportion, all make belief loveteam of sarah and gerald, unbelievable, their interviews follows a pathological liars.


      • sige, tignan nlang ntin claudinespunk kung san pupulutin yang dumadalaw dalaw at mag babe issue na yan!!! bka ikamatay ng mga ashralds pag’ nlaman nlang pure showbiz lies and promotions lang pla yan.. ayy.. wawa kau.. LOL

      •  sus me! isa pa tong problemadoi!    bat kayo nggagalaiti kung hindi sila! eh hindi tapos! ung mga hater1 basta mgkomment ng nega!  masaya na!  kawaw naman kayo kaya wal kayong marating sa buhay!    wal na kayong libangan  kung di tsismis kay sarah! hindi na kayo natttulog! kung ung abang sa latest up date kay sarat    mgbanat kayo ng buto 1 si sarah! kahit  hindi na mgartista ok na yan may pupulitin   a na pera! kayo meron ba!  yan gawin nyo arawaraw!     ang bibigat  ng katawan ng iba rito!   pansinin yo naman ung ibang artista! ha!

      • ASUS!!! Eh ikaw ano na ang narating mo sa buhay? di ba ikaw ay iisa rin sa mga nakikitsismis din dito na walang magawa sa buhay, kasi kung meron e di hinde ka na sana nakikipag ulolan dito Hahahahahahahahaha! NAPAKALAKI MONG PUTA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  17. di kasi bebenta ang articles ng mga reporterna yan pag walang maisulat na makapaghatak ng mambabasa.subukan kaya nilang sumulat ng article sa mga laos mapapanis lng dyaryo nila! sobrang sikat kc nina Sasa at Gege!

  18. Basta pinoy parazzi na balita hwag maniwala kasi gawa gawa lang nila para mang intriga. Unlike sa pep at push .com na may kasamang video kaya alam mo na totoo. Para naman close na close si Alex Brosas sa close friend ni ge na sasabihan siya. Katawa magbasa na lang ng pep at manood ng TV payrol andun ang totoo kasi may interview on video. Leave sarah and gerald in peace.

    • Eh bakit ka nagco comment dito. Di doon ka sa Pep-yang mo at Push-akal mo magcomment . Sinasabi mo lang na nagbabasa ka rin dito…Bweset!!!!!

  19. Diyos ko naman ! Kalalabas lang ng interview ni sarah na maganda nag samahan ni Gerald sa mga magulang niya. Tapos isusulat ni Alex Brosas na nilalayo? Hello! Sino ba ang dapat paniniwalaan? Di ba dapat ang may katawan? Nakakadalaw si ge sa bahay kaya nagpapasalamat siya sa parents ni sarah. Sino ba nanamn ang close friend na yan? If I know alam naman natin na hindi magkkwento ang close friend na yan sa isang reporter. Kaloka paniwalaan na lang natin kung ano ang sinasabi ni sarah at gerald. Huwag sa mga write ups na galing sa balot ng saging.

  20. SPECIAL DAY PO SA MGA ASHARLDS ANG JULY 7… Concert ni Baby Girl Sa Big Dome Sold-out na, pero may July 21 pa po. Si Babe naman para sa Maalala Mo Kaya Episode. Dont forget to watch. Salamat sa ngmamahal at walang sawaing sumusuporta sa kanila. Anuman sabihin ng iba, masaya Si SASA AT GEGE kung anu man meron sila. Godbless sa lahat ng Supporters ni Sarah and Gerald. Sa may ayaw naman sa knila, ganun talaga we cant please everybody. 

    • Baka ang tinutukoy mo na laspagin yung idol mo na nakarelasyon ng mahabang panahon. Wala ka talagang respetong bakla ka. Malaki ang respeto ni gerald sa babae hindi katulad mo na bastos. Hindi basta bastang babae ni Gerald at makikita na malaki ang paggalang niya. Hindi ka kapatol patol kasi ang utak mo puno ng kasbastusan.



  22. Jusko nman in the first place wla nman tlaga kasi clang relasyon or something, it’s just pure showbiz.. pustahan tau hindi aamin yang mga yan kc wla nman clang aaminin.. kwawa tlaga mga ashrald kc pure showbiz lang ang loveteam nla. OFF CAM moments? meron ba?? bat di kau pumunta sa ASAP dun mraming OFF CAM moments.. You know what I mean! LOL

    • Ganyan? Kabilang bakod ka ba? Well kung ganun talagang hindi ka maniniwala kasi nabubuhay ka sa nakaraan:) Well si sarah at gerald  na lang paniniwalaan natin. Sabi ni Ge tuloy tuloy ang panliligaw niya. Kaya sa mga tards nganga. Wala pa sila upcoming project matagal pa movie nila so hindi promo promo ang sinasabi nila.

      • Kapamilya po ako, at Fan ako ni ge,, tuloy tuloy ang panliligaw nia dahil inutos ng management, sus kawawa kau sa huli tignan nalng ntin.. alam kc ng abs cbn na madali kaung mauto eh.. bhala kau kau din masasaktan.. hindi rin aamin yang mga yan.. 

  23. sino naman yung sex bomb girl dini date daw ni gerald? handler at staff ng show ni sarah aba kumikita sila sa team up pinakilig lang kayo .sus showbiz nga naman….. lets see na lang kung talaga bang may aminan sa dalawang ito kasi umaasa ang mga fans nila na aaminin sa concert ni sarah o sa bday nito .tingnan natin peps.. masanay na lang tayo sa pakulo ng showbizzz

    • Inggit ka? Yun ang tanong sino ang sex bomb? kasi wala naman talaga.. Okay. Baka idol mo mahilig magpakulo kaya ganyan attitude mo. Bakit sinabi ba nila na aamin sila sa concert birubiruan lang yun ng mga fans. Kung aamin man sila hindi sa concert yun.

      • bat ka po affected teh sinsabi ko lang naman nababasa ko sa pep na may may nakita sa kanya date daw with sex bomb dancer tanong nga sino kaya sa sex bomb na yun? affected ka naman masyado eh di hinatayin nyong mga fans ng loveteam nila kung kailan sila aamin kung may aamin ba .kasi sabi pa doon ni gerald “hindi po kami ” sasabihin ko sa inyo in your face . saka kung ako ba naman si gerald bat ko naman aaminin na yes may dini date akong ibang girl kaloka naman isip isip .showbiz nga naman. di magagalit mga ashrald fans sa kanya kung aaminin nya may iba sya? weeeh ugok

  24. Abangan po natin si Judai sa month long bday celebration ni Sarah sa SGLIVE, dun malalaman about story behind sa “sandwhich and chiken curry”. Kilig lang ako sa mg-ate!

  25. Follow nyo din mga Pres/Officers ng Popsters at Ashralds sa twitter. Kasi every sunday andun sila sa SarahGLive, sila nakakasaksi sa mga ganap ng off-cam, di sila madamot mgshare ng about Sarah and Gerald, pero minsan may mga limit ang shinishare nila dahil gusto rin nila protektahan ang private lives ng dalawa. Kung ano pede i-share sa amin sa twitter, masaya na kami basta malaman nmin an mgkasama c SASA at GEGE eh solve n kmi. 

  26. wahahaha gawa gawang writeup na naman, galing sa mga interview ng mgbabe na ginawan ng twist and turns. Pki-follow na lang po ang mga handler at PA ng star magic, staff and crew ng Sarah G Live sa twitter para ma-update kau. Kaso kung di nyo kilala, malamang di nyo sila ma-fofollow. Buti pa kaming mga ASHRALDS, updated. We ask questions without prying, kung ano sagot nila happy na kami. Bkit nde nyo man lang nireport na kung ilang beses na dumaan si Gerald para kumustahin si Sarah, nanuod ng rehersal ng SGLive. Eh ang kuwento about “sandwhich, chicken curry” alam nyo ba story behind that mr writer ng article? Wag ninyo rin po sana pgmukhaing mahigpit o masama si Mommy Divine dahil d ninyo siya kilala gaya ng pgkakakilala ni Gerald sa knya. Ngpasalamat p nga Gerald sa Geronimo Family dahil they give him a chance na makilala si Sarah G. So before mgconclude, mgresearch muna at mgimbestga ok? Thanks s space.

  27. If Gerald and Sarah they truly love each other, no one can break them apart.  Sarah has given all the respect and financial support to her family, she has the right to make her own decision when it comes to matters of the heart and choose her happiness.  After all, her mother is not the one who will live with the man she loves, it’s her.  If Sarah lets her mother control her, then she does not really love Gerald.  If this is true, then Sarah’s mother doesn’t care about her happiness and it seems like Sarah’s only freedom is to work and earn money to support her family.  How sad for Sarah.  When is she gonna have the wisdom she’s longing for???

  28. asus.itong si alex brosas kung makapagsulat sa bandera at pinoyparazzi parang close na close kina gerald at sarah. im sure yang source mo eh isa sa mga bitter sa pagkakamabutihan ni sa at ge kaya kung ano anong paninira na lang.try mo kaya magresearch bago magsulat? mas magagaling pa magresearch ang mga fans kesa sayo, mas credible pa. kung sa tingin mo nagkakalabuan eh tingnan mo mga itsura nila sarah at gerald ngayon,all smiles pa at halatang inlove na inlove ang aura. yan ba ang itsura ng nagkakalabuan?hello?!

  29. wahahaha gawa gawang writeup na naman, galing sa mga interview ng mgbabe na ginawan ng twist and turns. Pki-follow na lang po ang mga handler at PA ng star magic, staff and crew ng Sarah G Live sa twitter para ma-update kau. Kaso kung di nyo kilala, malamang di nyo sila ma-fofollow. Buti pa kaming mga ASHRALDS, updated. We ask questions without prying, kung ano sagot nila happy na kami. Bkit nde nyo man lang nireport na kung ilang beses na dumaan si Gerald para kumustahin si Sarah, nanuod ng rehersal ng SGLive. Eh ang kuwento about “sandwhich, chicken curry” alam nyo ba story behind that mr writer ng article? Wag ninyo rin po sana pgmukhaing mahigpit o masama si Mommy Divine dahil d ninyo siya kilala gaya ng pgkakakilala ni Gerald sa knya. Ngpasalamat p nga Gerald sa Geronimo Family dahil they give him a chance na makilala si Sarah G. So before mgconclude, mgresearch muna at mgimbestga ok? Thanks s space.

  30. Ang ina, malakas ang pakiramdam. Siguro, na-realize niyang mayroon pang iba on the side si Gerald at siguro showbiz lang ang sa kanila ni Sarah. She’s just protecting Sarah from getting hurt again.

    • i dont think her mom is involve in her lovelife anymore. I remember when she had the interview to promote her concert this month, She said that her mom has enough trust in her to make decisions for herself. She said that she wants to learn how to be independent, meaning making her own choices. The way I see it, these two are in a relationship already, but they’re just waiting for Sarah to be confident enough to publicly admit it. They’re doing it s-l-o-w-l-y but surely.

    • Yun nga eh malakas pakiramdam niya kaya hinahayaan niya si Gerald an dumalaw sa bahay nila at mas makilala si sarah. Napanood mo ba interview ni sarah sa TV patrol? sabi niya maganda ang pakikitungo ng magulang niya kay gerald. Kaya nagtitiwala na eto sa kanya. Kaya siguro si sarah na lang at si ge ang paniwalaan. At maniwala sa interview na may kasamang video kasi ang pinoy parazzi parang drawing ang report.

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