Richard Gutierrez, kailan mag-aala-Mark Herras?

Richard-GutierrezRichard-GutierrezNAG-TRENDING ANG guesting ni Mark Herras sa Startalk nitong Sunday, kung saan tinapos na niya ang kanyang ilang buwan ding pagde-deny that indeed, he sires a three month-old baby girl named Ada with a senior GMA handler.

November last year when the news about Mark getting a girl pregnant spread like wildfire, panahong magkasintahan pa sila ni Ynna Asistio. The rumor persisted until early this year. But repeatedly confronted by the issue, all that Mark issued were consistent denials.

Finally, Mark came out of his nutshell, proud and accepting of his family responsibility.

Bagama’t marami ang humanga kay Mark despite the likelihood na baka makaapekto ang kanyang pag-amin sa kanyang pagiging isang binatang ama, kinunek ng maraming netizens ang kanyang kaso kay Richard Gutierrez.

Kelan naman daw maglalakas ng loob si Richard to do a Mark Herras and proudly say, “I, too, am already a father”?

Kalabisan nang sabihin na kung sakaling isa ring binatang ama si Richard, who else could he have gotten pregnant kundi ang kanyang nobyang si Sarah Lahbati? Unlike Mark’s case, the name of Richard and Sarah’s reported love child has long been revealed, at Zion ‘yon.

Also unlike Mark’s case, hindi na gaanong visible si Richard, and his extended hibernation—we’re afraid—might relegate him to oblivion, kaya ano ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw pa niyang umamin?

While it is Richard’s right to privacy, let’s face it, he stands nothing to lose, but stands to even gain from his confession if ever: that a good actor is, above all, a proud father to his child.


FOR A refreshing breather, mga child stars naman ang magtatagisan ng kanilang general knowledge sa Picture! Picture! this Saturday.

Sino kaya kina Jillian Ward, Miggs Cuaderno, Lenlen Frial at Angel Sansumi  ang magiging “half a millionaire,” that whoever gets the jackpot prize, for sure, ay ilalagay ng kanyang magulang sa trust fund niya?

All in grade school, malalaman natin kung sino sa apat na mahuhusay na child actors na ito manages to give his/her studies and showbiz work equal time and attention. As any kid at play, magkaroon din kaya ng pikunan among the four lalo’t may ilalaglag somewhere in the game show?

Abangan ang fun-filled episode na ito ng Picture! Picture! hosted by Ryan Agoncillo who’s also young at heart, pagkatapos ng weekend news ng GMA.

by Ronnie Carrasco III


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