Polish film director Filip Maciejewicz, hinikayat na mag-shoot sa ‘Pinas ang mga Hollywood director

POLISH FILM director Filip Maciejewicz said that shooting a film in Bataan is a great experience.

“It’s so different. It’s a different setting – it’s the jungle, it’s those small streets, it’s the people, it’s the different color of green that you have here. In movies we call it production value. It has a great production value here,” sabi sa amin ni Filip during lunch break from his shooting of an indie film, Treasure Hunters in Balanga, Bataan.

Aware si Filip na ilang Hollywood films na ang ginawa ang shooting sa ating bansa tulad ng Bourne Legacy.

“Of course it’s a long story of movies being shot here. Apocalypse Now was shot here. I am a big fan of those movies and when I first saw some pictures of the Philippines, of the places we could be shooting, I fell in love instantly,” sabi niya.

Bago mag-shooting ay nakarating na si Filip sa Palawan, Boracay, Manila and Batanes.

Sabi pa ni Filip, perfect ang Balanga, Bataan para sa adventure film niyang Treasure Hunters.

“It has the element of truth. It shows the Philippines the right way, how it is. It has a historical setting, it has a historical  background. We wanted to show real Philippines, not sweet candy and full of tourists.”

Of course, natikman na ni Filip ang ating world-famous balut.

“Yes, I did. It took me some time to get into that but I finally managed. It’s interesting, definitely interesting, definitely something else. It was a big fun and I love it. The cultures are so different with the US. You have to kind of eat balut to know that.”

As a traveler, “I’m tasting everything.”

Ini-encourage ng young director na mag-shoot dito sa Pilipinas ang Hollywood directors.

“I would advise  moviemakers and filmmakers to  come to the Philippines and shoot something here because it’s so different.”

Lex Chika
by Alex Valentine Brosas

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