Pinoy Parazzi Vol 6 Issue 46 April 03 – 04, 2013

Pinoy Parazzi Vol 6 Issue 46 April 03 – 04, 2013

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One thought on “Pinoy Parazzi Vol 6 Issue 46 April 03 – 04, 2013

  1. If I were Angelica, I will not expect anything from this relationship. SHe has to find herself and do some soul searching. She just came from a break up and she was able to rebound right away? The first guy that came along, agad agad? Ano ‘to, parang trial and error? Same with JL. By the way, bakit anong reason ng mga pag hihiwalay ni JL sa mga past GF niya? Third party ba? In other words, hindi pa sigurado si JL sa kung ano at sino talaga ang gusto niya. He is still searching and I can almost see that this relationship is going to be another statistic. Kailangan pa ni Lloydie ng emotional stability. I do wish however na kung si ANgel man ang gusto niya, dapat lang panindigan niya at hwg saktan ang puso ni Angel kasi vulnreable pa siya. She is not completely healed from her breakup with someone she lived with for 5 or 6 years. She is trying though. Kung niligawan niya si JL, dapat mag propose na rin siya para siguradong walang kawala.

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