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Cloud-9-MuralBETTER LATE than never. Our major newspapers have not taken serious notice  of this particular event, PENTASI B Historical Forum, maybe because of the consequent chaos and  sufferings brought to the Philippines by typhoon Yolanda. However, this  auspicious and sterling event transpired among poets around the world gives the country renewed strength and pride. The global gathering of poets was inspired by a single man, a poet and a doctor himself, Doc PenPen, as he is endearingly called. It was his innovative and extraordinary exploration to the new poetic form; an approach  that revolutionized poetry. His creation, PENTASI B is recognized by leading and famous poets around the world. Accolades and awards kept streaming in for him which he humbly accepted. For this reason alone, the Philippines, particularly the Filipino poets accorded the same appreciation and pride for our esteemed poet, Doc PenPen. He truly earned the title Father Of Visual Poetry. Thus, the convergence of poets from different nationalities was born in Manila last November 15, 2013. The National Library of the Philippines under the stewardship of  Dir. Antonio M. Santos,  a lawyer and the Philippine National Museum co-sponsored the said event.

The confluence of the poets was indeed an affair to remember. Being acquainted and touching shoulder to shoulder among them would be considered as their defining moments;   Internationally renowned poets hobnobbing with our fellow compatriots.  The intimacy among them was so heartening specially when each one had an impromptu  speech, some were emotionally charged  that fellow poets supported them.

Then, came the testimonies of  the respected global poets.  Ashok K. Bhargava, a poet laureate, founder and president  of Writers International Network Society (WINS)  Canada and World Poetry Ambassador to India and Nepal,  said in a nutshell that Filipinos are natural poets since they have this deep sense of sentimentality. He further added that PENTASI B  is a must read among poets to study and appreciate its intrinsic values that go beyond the words incorporating the visual.

An inspiring poet coupled with charm and beauty  was  Zayra Yves.  A multi-awarded poet, she lauded  PENTASI B and encouraged us to try to delve into it with avidity.  By dissecting  it,  we would realize that visual poetry encompasses among other things, our  day to day living. Another respectable lady,  Lily Rose Tope, Ph.D.,  professor  in Asian Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines,  discussed PENTASI B POETRY in the forum. She  stressed that PENTASI B belongs to Postmodern Poetry. A form of poetry that deviates from the norms everyone knows. It is an unorthodox  approach of  conveying message to the readers. Be that as it may, she and other international and local poets re-affirmed our Philippines’ national pride and honor, Doc  PenPen as the Father Of Visual Poetry, a very well deserving title.

PENTASI B  was articulately expounded by a World Empowered Poet awardee, Caroline Nazareno . It is an acronym of P-hilosophical, E-volving/E-xtraordinary,  N-ew genre encompassing all kinds of visual poetry, T-echnologies (which includes  4Ms-Multilingual, Multi-modal, Multi-sensorial and Multi-dimensional),  A-rts and aesthetics,  S-cience,   4 Is Improvement, Innovation, Invention, I-heart , and B-io or the Life.

Briefly, PENTASI B is a poetic composition of philosophy, science, psychology, pathology  and geometry.  An amazing feat indeed!  Who could have thought of this nobel  idea of incorporating the aforementioned  into an artistic meaningful  form of poetry but Doc PenPen!

The most awaited number in the program was the awarding of trophies,  medals  and certificates to all deserving global and local poets .  This is  a testimony that we are all poets in the true sense of the title. That we too, should explore the unknown to seek the  Holy Grail of Poetry, so to speak. In closing, may we reiterate our deepest gratitude to Director Antonio M. Santos , the head of the National Library of the Philippines, and the National Museum and last but not the least,  Ms. Ceri Naz, organizer of the PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry Celebration 2013.

Recently, Doc PenPen B. Takipsilim (real name: Dr. Epitacio R. Tongohan, M.D.), has been awarded as The Most Outstanding Alumni in Career Achievement by UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association Inc., on February 6, 2014, at Solaire Resort, Parañaque, Philippines.

By Roy Mark Azanza Corrales


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