Gary V. cries because of Angeli

GARY VALENCIANO BROKE down when he talked about his wife Angeli Pangilinan noong mag-guest siya sa The Buzz’s Tough Ten. He is grateful that God gave him Angeli whom he said is a perfect example of unconditional love.

Gusto raw niya matupad ang kanyang pangarap to teach young people the art of recording, entertaining and creating impact in other people’s lives.

Gary and Martin Nievera are good friends. But during the height of their rivalry, what was the one thing Gary couldn’t stand with Martin? “There were things he said that affected me,” he said.

He will support his son Gab kapag dumating ang panahon na gusto na nitong magpakasal.
When was the last time he cried? “I always cry. I don’t cry for people to see but I am not afraid to show them that I cry.”

During the Pops-Martin controversy, pinayuhan daw niya si Martin to come home to the Lord.
Does Gary think he is better than Martin? “Honestly, no. Martin does things that I can learn pa like hosting. He is spontaneous. Only he can do that. As a singer, hindi rin. Martin’s situation is different from mine. Siya lang ang nakakagawa noon. Kapag kinanta ko ang kanta ni Martin, it will be different.”

Ang pinakamatindi raw niyang naging kasalanan kay Angeli was when he entertained some thoughts na dapat sana ay inalis niya sa kanyang isipan.

He mentioned Dawn Zulueta as one of the most beautiful stars in showbiz. Sa younger stars naman ay sina Sarah Geronimo, Shaina Magdayao, Rachelle Ann Go at Iya Villania.

Gary admitted that he was smitten by Pops Fernandez’s beauty when he was younger pero hindi raw niya niligawan ito. “Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by her beauty and wit?”

If he were to ask for forgiveness from someone, it would be his wife. “I’d say sorry to Angeli. Sorry for the times when I turned my back on you and forgot to see how you’ve given my life to me. She’s the reason why I’m here now. She’s the reason why my heart is still beating. I’m thankful that God gave me Angeli. She is the perfect example of unconditional love. I’m here because of her.”
Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

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by Boy Abunda

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