Oprah at David Foster, kabilang sa mga ninong at ninang ni Charice!

NAGSAMA-SAMA ANG MGA bigating pangalan sa entertainment industry to witness Charice’s baptism and confirmation kasama ang kanyang kapatid na si Carl last May 22 at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Pasig City. The event was covered by local and foreign media.

There were 23 pairs of godparents including myself and Kris Aquino. Kasama rin sa mga ninong at ninang sina ABS-CBN Chairman Mr. Gabby Lopez, ABS-CBN’s President Charo Santos-Concio, Ricky Lo, Karen Davila, Julius and Tintin Babao at Jobert Sucaldito. Sino ang mag-aakalang magiging kumare ko si Oprah Winfrey at kumpare ko naman si David Foster who both sent their representatives to attend the special occasion?

Masayang-masaya si Charice at nagpasalamat siya sa lahat ng mga taong dumating that day. Gaya ng dati ay nandoon si Mommy Raquel. She has always been Charice’s source of strength and inspiration kaya marami mang bagyo ang dumating sa kanyang buhay ay nananatili pa rin siyang matatag at puno ng pag-asa because Mommy Raquel is always at her side.

Nagbigay rin ng mga pagbati ang kanyang mga ninong at ninang. Ma’am Charo said, “I wish to congratulate Charice and her brother for this special day. I hope God continues to shower her with his light and his grace so Charice would continue to be a role model hindi lang para sa kabataan dito sa Pilipinas kundi para sa lahat ng kabataan sa buong mundo.”

Julius said, “I wish them all the best in life and I hope na mas lalo silang maging mabubuting Katoliko at mas lalo nilang mapalawig ang pananampalataya ng mas maraming Pilipino sa Panginoon dahil sa kanilang bagong relihiyon.”

“I want to wish you not just the best. I want to tell you that all your success hindi lang pamilya mo ang masaya, hindi lang kami sa ABS-CBN, kundi ang buong Pilipinas ay masaya dahil anumang tagumpay mo, ikaw ang representative ‘ika nga ng buong Pilipinas,” sabi ni Karen.

Nagkaroon ng mini-concert at gift-giving si Charice after the ceremony to celebrate her 18th birthday. She sang her hit single “Pyramid” from her first international self-titled album and the song “We are the World.” Sabi nga, “When it rains, it pours.” Umaapaw ngayon ang mga blessings ni Charice. She recently launched her first international self-titled album on The Oprah Winfrey Show and her single Pyramid has reached the Number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

I am proud of Charice. I remember my interview with Charice prior to her departure for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and after her special performance in a Korean variety show. Noon pa man, alam kong Charice was a winner. She has that energy and hunger. Sana ay magtuluy-tuloy pa ang pagbagyo ng suwerte kay Charice.

Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

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by Boy Abunda


22 thoughts on “Oprah at David Foster, kabilang sa mga ninong at ninang ni Charice!

  1. Is there a statue of limitations on crimes like that of Noynoy’s SBA- NOynoy’s illegal business (refer to “lane’s” post below)? He can surely start his fight against corruption from here. Then go to Hacienda Luisita killings, then go to Mendiola massacre. He should go after and convict the culprit (cory, noynoy, another aquino, another cojuangco). There that will keep him occupied. It will be a great accomplishment of his administration if he is able to solve these three crimes I mentioned. HE MIGHT BECOME A HERO TOO!


    • natatakot cguro si noynoy sa malaking bahay baka makita niya yung sarili niya akala multo. baka magkulong sa kuwarto at i untog ang ulo sa wall.


    Noynoy Aquino seems to be suffering from separation anxiety disorder. Separation anxiety disorder is a psychological condition in which the individual experiences excessive worry over parting from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment. It is a disorder that is strong enough to impair a person’s ability to conduct his day-to-day activities.

    What could be the first sign that Noynoy Aquino might be suffering from separation anxiety disorder? Noynoy recently announced that he would not be staying in Malacanang when he is proclaimed president. He is of the opinion that he would be more comfortable in his family’s residence and would have more privacy there. He would just treat Malacanang as his office.

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  4. Napanood ko sa TV Patrol na NALILITO si Noynoy kung saan siya titira. Sa Times St. uupa daw sa Makati, uupa daw sa tabi ng Malacanang, sa Arlegui? Saan kaya? Hindi makapagdesisyon ang pobre, NALILITO. Pagpili lang ng titirhan niya kailangan pa ang mga suggestions ng kung sinu-sino. Paano kaya ang gagawin nito pag sari-saring problema na ng bansa ang kailangang harapin?

    Noynoy, dapat sa Arlegui ka na lang tumira para ma flashback mo ang itinayo mong illegal na Security Agency (BSA-Best Security Agency or Benigno S. Aquino). Di ba pag-upong pag-upo ng Nanay mo noong 1986, nag negosyo ka ng security agency na nagse- serbisyo sa mga government agencies. Kaya sinabi kong illegal ang business mo dahil ayon sa ating saligang-batas, bawal sumali sa negosyong konektado sa gobyerno ang opisyal o kamag-anak ng opisyal na nanunungkulan sa gobyerno. Sa Arlegui pa ang address ng business mo kung saan nakatira ang Nanay mo. Hindi ka naparusahan dahil presidente ang nanay mo. Kaya pag bumalik ka sa Arlegui babalik ang mga nakaraan, di ba?

    • Hindi nalilito. naghahananp nang lugar na hindi maaabala ang kanyang kapitbahay. Arlegui and last resort kung walang makita. Siguro kung si Money Bilyar mo ang nanalo, baka maghanap pa nang interior designer para ipa remodel and Malacanang? di ba? At saka , kailngan nang office nila ni Willie para walang mangistorbo pag pinagpaplanuhan ang “How to get our trillions” Di ba Lane, Gabby Love it? Pahinga na nga kayo. Mga talunan! ! !

      • I don’t think this is about “inggit” or Manny Villar anymore. I’m glad to learn about this and sure people has the right to know what kind of person our leader is. I think “Lane” is right and I appreciate her posts.

      • talaga naman nalilito si noynoy. di nalilito yung kung saan saan naiisip na tumira? abnoy kasi. ayaw umalis sa kanyang comfort zone. ganun daw talaga ang may mga topak.

    • I did my research about your claim of the president-elect’s supposedly illegal business and I found out that it’s true. The address was really on Arlegui where Tita Cory lived. Although you’re quite abrasive in your description, I agree with you. It does not deny the fact that Noynoy really conducted this illegal business. The fact that Tita Cory knew about this, just made it more unethical if not criminal. It’s a crime to violate our constitution.

  5. Aquino family is more corrupt than Marcos family. Tell the Aquinos to give up Hacienda Luisita and give it to the poor farmers what is promised to them. The money you bought the property is from the public fund.
    Marcos did not kill Ninoy. Marcos is not stupid to do the obvios to kill nemesis. Rather he would protect so they would not blame him or hold him responsible. R U Pinoy really that stupid not tell that the Cuangcos r the true killer of Aquino.

    • Dito natin masusubok kung totoo ang promise ni Noynoy Aquino sa campaign na he will fight and investigate corruption. Dapar unahin niya muna ang sarili niya. Marami na ang namatay na mga magsasaka pero kahit si Cory ay nagmatigas at pinairal ang kasakiman. Mas msahol pa Ang mga Aquino sa kasamaan dahil nilinlang nila ang taong bayan na mabubuti silang tao, mga heroes ang turing sa kanila. Yun pala puro self-proclaimed heroes lang pala..

  6. SCENE : Ang paniniwala ni incoming Phi­lip­pine President Noynoy Aquino na hindi siya dapat tumira sa Malacañang Palace dahil bad feng shui ang maruming ilog ng Pasig.

    Ang bad feng shui ay ung kapatid niya, si kris…Yun ang dapat niyang layuan…lol!

    • Manila Standard, May 30,2010

      In an earlier interview, television host Kris Aquino also suggested to her brother that he take residence at the guest house because the “dirty river” surrounding the Malacañang Palace bestowed bad vibes to those choosing to stay there.

      “For feng shui masters, every time you have a view of a dirty river, they are very strict about that. It has to be cleaned up first. I told my brother, ‘Noy, Arlegui is a lucky place’ because mom survived when she stayed there,” Kris said, referring to the nine coup d’etat attempts that their mother weathered during her term.

  7. Bumanat na naman ang pagka-taklesa nitong si taklesa queen. Wala siyang (kris) karapatan na magsabi nun dahil mas grabe ang mga pinagdaanan niya kumpara sa ibang artista. Paging Aquino sisters, do something, please, please, please.

    • Leave Kris alone. I like her straightforward answers. Taklesa na kung taklesa. She has a very interesting personality. I agree with Curiouslangkami. Mariel is plastic.

  8. I noticed the expression on Boy Abunda”s face when Kris said this about Mariel ” Huwag mamangka sa dalawang ilog”. Parang na irita si Boy dahil siyempre siya ang manager ni Mariel. There may be some truth to what kris said. Alam naman natin na may pagka balimbing si Mariel. OK siya kay Manny Villar pag kasama si Willie, pero padala rin siya nang mesage of support kay Kris para lang masali sa circle nito. Huwag siyang masyadong madaling bumigay kay Binoe dahil sabi nga ni idol, hanggang sa apat na sulok lang nang Wowowee ang interes niya kay Mariel. I bilib, Mariel is the number one tupperware, more plastic than Kris or Ruffa.

  9. Sabi ni Biy kahapon sa The Buzz nalulungkot siya kase malapit nang mawala si Kris Aquino sa The Buzz.

    If I know, deep inside tuwang-tuwa si Boy kase wala nang mambabara sa kanya sa The Buzz.

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