Novellino Wines Launches Rebuilders Project

NovellinoBEL MONDO Italia Corp. (BMIC), makers of the Philippines’ leading wine brand Novellino, recently launched the Novellino Rebuilders project aimed at rebuilding homes in Capiz Province that were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan  or Typhoon Yolanda as it is known in the Philippines.

The Novellino Rebuilders project is being piloted in Bgy. Ilamnay, Municipality of Panay, along the coast of Capiz province.   The project aims to implement a sustainable and integrated community housing for the rehabilitation of victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Around 40 homes in Bgy. Ilamnay were destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda.  Ilamnay, which is one of the smallest baranggays in the province, has a population of 312 persons, including children, belonging to 55 household, all dependent on fishing and farming as sources of livelihood.  It is Located 7 kilometers from the town proper and accessible via a 120 meter bamboo footbridge.

Capiz based non-government organization The Atila Balgos is the implementing arm of BMIC in the area.  Long involved in working with the disadvantaged sectors  in the areas of  education, health, livelihood, sports, housing and environmental conservation and development, the ABFI organized the Bulig KasimanwaTask Force to undertake immediate relief operations and planned actions for sustainable recovery of the Province of Capiz after Typhoon Yolanda caused severe damages on houses, agriculture, fisheries, and other industries in Roxas City, the capital of Capiz, and all 16 municipalities of the province.

Novellino wine customers are also given an opportunity to help in the project.  Every time they purchase a bottle of Novellino wine, part of what they spend will go into rebuilding homes.  The promise of Novellino wine to its customers is “Every Bottle Builds”.

“We want to get the word out on this.  Social media is a great means of doing this.  I think people want to help other people, “ Chris Quimbo, BMIC COO and Marketing Manager stated.  “If they buy a bottle of wine, not only do they get to enjoy a bottle of wine, but they can be satisfied knowing that this contribution or their purchase is going towards a good cause.  It’s going towards rebuilding homes for people affected by the biggest typhoon that hit ground here in the Philippines.  You’ll see “neckers” on our bottles of wine.  Real pieces of paper that go on top—-very simple.  It just says “Every Bottle Builds”. And that’s the name of our initiative, that’s the name of our cause.”

According to Vincent Nonoy Quimbo, BMIC President and CEO, BMIC has resolved to donate a portion of its revenues; not just profits. “So that we become a true channel of what it is that we have been blessed with.  We’ve been blessed to have a successful business, and so we want that to flow through.”

The Novellino Rebuilders initiative, Nonoy said, is viewed as one that will eventually involve other villages in the affected areas as well.



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