Nikki and Billy’s love story

BILLY CRAWFORD AND Nikki Gil’s love story is now out in the open. The young couple first met when they hosted Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. Marami noon ang nagtatanong if they were playing sweet music together dahil madalas silang makitang magkasama.

In the eyes of Crawford, Nikki is the only one. He admitted his true feelings for Nikki during his interviews on ASAP 09, Ruffa & Ai and E-Live. Sinabi rin niya sa ASAP that Nikki is one of the reasons why he will stay in the Philippines.

Nikki said on The Buzz na isa lang siya sa mga dahilan why Crawford opted to stay longer in the country. “Even before we met he had plans of making the Philippines his home-base. It doesn’t mean that he will be staying here for good because he also has a career outside of the Philippines.”

I asked Nikki kung kailan talaga naging sila ni Crawford. “It’s been a while. We couldn’t admit it at first because I wasn’t sure noong umpisa if it was going to last. Siyempre, I didn’t know him that well and I waited so long to find the right relationship for me. Kaya hindi ko siya masabi at first,” Nikki explained.

Nikki looks smashing – it could be partly because she’s happy that she’s found the love she deserves. Crawford surprised her with a stunning diamond bracelet when he returned from the US. Suot ni Nikki ang bracelet sa The Buzz.

Are there talks about settling down in the future? Crawford is open in saying that he wants to grow old with Nikki. “I also hope he’s the one. I’ve waited for so long but there’s no formula when it comes to love. Whether or not this works, I’m glad that I’ve tried it. I’m definitely enjoying the friendship that we share right now. It would be nice if he is the one I’d spend the rest of my life with,” Nikki enthused.

Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

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by Boy Abunda


26 thoughts on “Nikki and Billy’s love story

  1. We want to see MORE of Billy and Nikki

  2. Mommy Nikki, daddy Billy.. pakasal na po kayo my dear parents. :)) I love you po so much! <3

  3. Dear Billy and Nikki (NILLY) ,

    Kayo na ang magkakaroon ng maganda at masayang pamilya. Kayo na rin ang tatanda ng nagmamahalan habambuhay. Lahat gagawin ko para makapunta sa kasal niyo. Kasi alam ko naman na minsan lang ako “Kikiligin ng sobra”at magkakaroon ng walang hanggang sa isang kasal. Wish u both all the best!

    Me true :)

  4. Dear Billy and Nikki (NILLY) ,

    Kayo na ang magkakaroon ng maganda at masayang pamilya. Kayo na rin ang tatanda ng nagmamahalan habambuhay. Wish u both all the best!

    Love your avid fan,
    NILLY baby :)

  5. Ang cute lang sobra ng pic nila. = ]]
    hahhaha.. anu ba, mga babies pa kasi sila diyan. Oh~ how they’ve grown! As of 2012, malapit na silang mag 4yrs. this coming August 16. ;)
    Congrats lovebirds!<3 More to come. :D

  6. Guys, this is very important–> PLS. VOTE FOR NIKKI-BILLY ON “Yahoo! OMG! Philippines” for your “Favourite real-life couple”. Just kindly google it. Voting is unlimited so you can vote for them as much as you want. People, every vote counts.. so, please, please! let’s vote for them numerously and make them win that title. They are truly deserving. Not just that they are too good to be true but, as you can see, this couple is a very good example for this generation and the article above says it all. Also, they can absolutely be an inspiration for those couples who has a long distance relationship,because Billy will be leaving for france this coming January 2012. This will be a big test to their relationship, and we all know that inspite the break-ups of other showbiz couples, they are the couple that are still remaining very strong and also having a peaceful relationship with the least intrigues.

  7. BTW, please abs-cbn, sana more projects pa to come para sa kay Billy & Nikki. Magkaroon po dapat sila ng movie together this coming 2012. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE! Di na po kami makapaghintay! Sa kanila na ninyo ibigay ung movie na “romantic-comedy”. Bagay na bagay yun sa kanila. Sigurado magiging BOX OFFICE HIT yan, dahil bukod sa real life lovers sila ay naging matatag tlga ang kanilang relasyon & we all love them very much! <3

  8. Para sa mga nagseselos dyan, SORRY na lng noh…dahil sila naman tlga ang para sa isa’t-isa.
    Makakahanap din naman kayo ng para sa inyo eh, maliban na lng kung may magkagusto pa sa inyo. xD
    STFO, don’t be rude okay. 

  9. We all know that your relationship will be forever <33
    I hope both of u will have great kids someday! : )

  10. Ang sweet nyo, bagay na bagay tlga kayo. Sana magkaroon pa kayo ng maraming projects sa ABS-CBN. Sina Nikki Gil & Billy Crawford lng naman ang inaabangan ko sa TV ehh.. lam ko naman na napakaraming fans din dyan ang nag-aabang na magkaroon sila ng movie na SUPER romantic na nakakakilig!!! <333
    Nikki & Billy, sana may kissing scenes & love scenes kayo sa lahat ng mga TV shows nyo! :) 
    DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOW TOO MUCH PDA "Public Display of Affection"…kasi bayad nyo na rin yun sa suporta ng mga fans nyo. Yun kasi ang gusto naming lahat ! :) <333

  11. Nikki Gil – FYI naiwan mo yung panty mo sa kotse ko!!! at saka yung video nating nag kakantutan paki delete mo lang ok baka may makakuha malaman pa ng BF mong sira-ulo.

    • Grabe ang kabastusan mo!!! Mahiya ka nga, para kang walang nanay kung magsalita. o siguro, itinapon ka ng nanay mo ng bata ka pa kasim alam nyang lalaki kang ganyan. WaLANG MODO, si nikki pa ang binastos mo, isang matinong tao. BABOY!!!

  12. Ang sarap kayang maging Nikki Gil, no? To be loved the way Billy loves her… Ang tindi! In fairness naman, hindi mamahalin ni Billy si Nikki ng walang reason. Love wanes when it’s not reciprocated most of the time; but love grows when it’s nortured. I have a feeling that this one will last. Billy and Nikki seem to fit, compliment, and complement each other. They have this “thing” that makes a relationship work. Nikki says there’s no formula when it comes to love, but I guess they’ve found it. I wish them both the kind of love and respect that lasts for eternity. Go Nillys! Love you Billy & Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Paki ko sa mga Billy-haters diyan! Basta ako, Billydict (Billy Addict). Si Billy, for me, is the best! Yun na!

  14. Business person my ass!!! Who are you kidding? Who would want to deal with you when all you have is your worthless opinion on things? Really? Anyway, why ask me if I were gay? What does being gay have to do “this”? Never mind, I know you have, yet again, worthless opinions on badings. Sad… sad… sad… Well, congratulations to all Los Angeles Lakers, they just won their first game against the Orlando Magic, 100-75, Kobe 40 points. From the East Coast, good night… It’s amost 1AM. Good night, Philippines. Mabuhay.

  15. uhuh…uhuh..?? reality check lang palagay mo pagnagconcert si billy…dudumugin? im not attacking his personality. i dont know the guy. dont have anything against him. i was happy when he was making it, im sad now hes nowhere. apart being attached to nikki gil what else is there? na mapag-uusapan.

    Oelle Cross, me-konek ka sa showbiz no…kontodo de defend ka ke billy!! Bading ka?? I was expecting a violent reaction from boy abunda since his a noranian.

    ur optimism is good PEro as a business person, i need a bankable artist. respect is always there but profit is what make showbiz go round.

  16. correct ka jan Oelle Cross, instead maging proud at wish the performer well para sa todo effort e ilalaglag pa! jusmiyo..

    go billy !

  17. huh?? me natitira pa bang international career si billy? e parang he was just starting tus puft! hindi naman sha ganon ka established abroad na he can just go back to it. Sa pilipinas nga eh, hirap makabalik, e pilippine audience pa lang un, kahit established ka na, sample na lang si camille pratts, buong buhay nya on t.v. and films but she cant get the luster back. Same with nora aunor, respetado man sya sa industriya, the point is shes not raking in money, di tulad ng mga contemporaries nya, idamay mo na yung mas matatanda pa sa kanya tulad ni gloria romero etc.,

    • One of the reasons why Philippines fail to move forward is because there are people like PUTOPIE. I’m sure this person is a loser that’s why he/she has nothing good to say. He/she bases his/her opinion not on facts but on what he/she thinks he/she knows, no matter how little it is. Billy Crawford perservered and was able to attain a career much bigger than anyone could ever imagine. He auditioned, started from the buttom and moved his way up. Like all Filipinos with dreams, he worked his butt off to succeed. Only peole who never gave their best could never understand this. Billy had done it. He has nothing to prove to you or to anyone. He’s the kind of Filipino I’d want to be, really. Bigay ang best, ke mahirap, ke simple, ke mataas, ke mababa. Siya nga gumagamit ng “po.” Napaka-determine na bata. Napaka-respectful. Marunong mag-look back. Anyone who has REAL talent can always bounce back; as a performer, writer, dancer, etc. So to putopie: “Hush, dear. You’re wasting your energy thinking, kasi walang saysay ang opinion mo. I’m just here to point this out. Be well, dear.”

      • thanks a lot OELLE CROSS, tama ka ibang klaseng bata si billy. Marespeto, masayahin at hindi nakakalimutang pinoy sya. Gayahin na lang sana ni puto pie…bagay sa kanya ang pangalan nya, puto kasing mag isip. Pinoy kaya syan totoo? Ewan ko, ipagdarasal ko na lang ang mga bitter na katulad na, hindi natutuwa sa kaligayahan ng iba.

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