RIZAL – TULALA PA rin hanggang sa kasalukuyan ang isang babae matapos na magpakamatay sa kanyang harapan ang kinakasama sa pamamagitan ng pagbaril sa sarili kamakalawa ng gabi sa bayan ng Taytay.

Kinilala ni Taytay chief of Police P/Supt. Arthur Masungsong ang biktimang si Charlton Villegas,37 anyos,may-asawa, isang negosyante at residente ng Blk-2,Lot-5 Jasmin St., Summerville Subd., Brgy.Dolores sa nasabing bayan.

Sa ulat, naganap ang pagpapakamatay ng biktima dakong alas-10:45 ng gabi sa loob mismo ng bahay na tinitirhan ng biktima at kinakasamang si Michelle Luisa Eduarte.

Nabatid na nag-uusap ang biktima at kinakasama kaugnay ng problema nang una sa family business nito habang umiinom ng beer.

Nang malasing na ang biktima ay inilabas nito ang kanyang baril na kalibre .45 na agad namang inawat ni Eduarte. Gayunman bago tuluyang naawat ay naipasok na nang biktima ang dulo ng baril sa kanyang bibig at ipinutok ito.

Sa tulong ng ilang kasambahay at kalugar ay nakatawag ng tulong para madala sa pagamutan ang biktima subalit sa pinangyarihan pa lamang ng insidente ay patay na ang biktima.              (GIGI CONVOCAR)

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  1. @Lilifie, No one can deny that Charlton loved the girl, but don’t blame him for using the girl’s resources. Kung bawal naman e pwede pigilan diba? 
    I don’t want to hurt anyone in my opinion. The only thing I wanted to say is let the truth be revealed before the false truth be created. Bakit pera lang ba at bahay ang katapat ng buhay ng isang tao? Kaya ba nila ibalik ang isang buhay gamit ang pera. Ang bahay nandyan lang, pero ang buhay hindi permanente. :) 
    Can we just have some Consideration regarding this matter.

  2.  We don’t care about the girl’s background. it’s out of the topic. yes, it is right not to be judgmental  .  Only God knows what really happened. She may have an influential family and power, but can these power bring back the lost life of Charlton? Can the amount of resources used by Charlton satisfy the poor and mourning hearts of his family? I’m a person concerned in this topic, and i really do think that the truth will come out, maybe not at this moment but the next time around. Bahay lang ang nawalan sa kanila pero sa pamilya ni Charlton BUHAY ang nawala.  Akala ko ba wag maging judgemental, then you will say that Charlton is a selfish man who doesn’t even think of the situation? Bakit close ba kayo? Nandun ka ba nun nangyari yun? May the soul of Charlton rest in peace. Isipin niyo rin naman yun pamilya na naghahanap ng katotohanan sa nangyari.  Konsensya at karma na lang ang magiging consequence sa tao/ng may sala. Still, i won’t believe in this news. I keep a hold on my belief.

  3. @a friend….you are so right!@may, someone concerned and you’ll never know me…i would like to comment on what you have written here…BUT IT IS MORE HARD FOR THE FAMILY OF CHARLTON TO ACCEPT WHAT HAD HAPPENED ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW THAT HE IS NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON.-fyi the family of mr.villegas has no remorse on his death, yes it was painful for them coz he took his own life…fyi again the girl is negative with her paraffin results, let the guy rest in peace charlton loved the girl and there is no question about it, he even stayed with her and mind you used all the resources of the girl, if you are a good friend you should know that,” For the side of the woman, it is very depressing to see her love one dead in front of her.” …YES so depressing because she will not have the heart to kill the father of her soon to be child,  she and her son’s lost a house because of what mr.villegas did, he was selfish did not even think of the situation where she is in. she is very much married to a mayor. it is true their family is influential BUT they don’t use their influence in situations like this, let me remind you that the father of the girl was gunned down at mt.carmel church and no remorse was seen with the family, they still believe in the justice system, the girl is a born again christian meaning may takot sa Diyos, they were brought up well by their parents. patahimikin nyo na si charlton at huwag kaladkarin sa kahihiyan. if you want to sue her and open the investigation then do it so, let the family of mr.villegas request for toxicology so we will all know if he was high on drugs when he took his life, kahihiyan nanaman sa pamilya yan.

  4. @a friend….you are so right@may, you’ll never know me, and someone concerned….let the guy rest in peace. don’t judge the book by its cover, it is true that she has an influential family let me remind you guys that her father was shot dead at mt.carmel church and till now the case is ongoing at a qc court, they should have taken the killers and gave vengeance pero hinde they believe still in the justice system. a little background on her she is a born again christian, was brought up well by her parents kahit may influence sila. if you are not contented with the info about her,  then sue her FYI she is negative with her paraffin test. patahimikin nyo na si mr.villegas at bigyan ng kahihyan kasa patay na sya, he loved the girl so much wala na kayo magagawa dun and decided even to live with her and mind you charlton used the girl’s resources. if the family of mr.villegas is not contented with the investigation they should request for a toxicology in order for them to know what is going on with him. don’t judge persons you barely know guys. think of the bad side what happened to the girl nawalan ng bahay ang mga anak nya at sya kase dun nagpakamatay si charlton, and she is pregnant mind you walang kaluluwa naman na isipin na sya pa ang gagawa ng masama sa ama ng anak nya. she is very much married to a mayor, kaya kayo na mag isip what she is going through now, you have no right to judge her. kung ang pamilya eh di nagdemanda kayo pa kaya ang may karapatan!

  5. Sana magkaroon ng reimbestigation on this case. Sana lumabas na ang dapat managot sa pagkamatay ni Charlton. May his soul rest in peace.

  6. i personnaly know both of them and i would say, anything can happen if you are on the influence of alcohol specially if youre almost drinking almost drinking every night. The girl has an influencial back ground but always been modest about it. never heard of her in trouble before. just quiet and simple. it is unfair to judge people. I do think she has a reputation as well to protect and likely will do such to ruin the family name. Just never like her. she is also a victim. here. I heard she never made it near him. He is also a big man, she wont stand a chance if in case they fought for the gun. She may have end up hurting herself as well. This i think is the truth. I would understand that the family is hurting. But please be logical and let the investigation run by the professionals themselves. Its not good to judge

  7. I agree with you. I personally know the guy. He is very religious and God fearing. We went to his wake. We were all shocked when we found out. I don't think he is capable of doing such a thing to himself. He has three beautiful daughters that he loves so much. I don't think he would like to leave them behind. The guy is definitely not suicidal. This is a classic case of a domestic problem gone bad. I wish the police would investigate this matter very closely to give justice to Charlton and his family. I heard that the girl involved has influence because her family is in politics. I hope this does not stop the TRUTH from coming out. Only she knows what really happened that night.

  8. Ito ba ang tinatawag niyong larawan ng katotohanan? Grabe! Eh puro kasinungalingan ang nakalagay dito e. Basta may malagay na balita, kahit hindi totoo isusulat. ANONG KLASE NAMAN YON! Shut up PEOPLE. This is not true. Never believe that everything that you see and hear in the news is true. This doesn’t have the complete evidence to make the people believe. It’s very devastating for the family of Charlton Villegas to know that this news was completely a lie. They said that this is suicidal in other cases, but how can it be suicidal when indeed there are two people in the room?! For the side of the woman, it is very depressing to see her love one dead in front of her. BUT IT IS MORE HARD FOR THE FAMILY OF CHARLTON TO ACCEPT WHAT HAD HAPPENED ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY KNOW THAT HE IS NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON.
    to tell you the truth, i know HIM. He will never do such a thing. That I promise you. I’m not blaming anyone for this. No one wants this to happen. But the only thing that i can say about this news is that, THIS IS COMPLETELY A LIE!!!!
    10:45 ng gabi? Eh bakit nung sinabi sa amin 9 ng gabi namatay pero ipinaalam lang sa amin ng 11:02.????? LIAR. Diyos lang ang may alam sa nangyari. Kaya mga outsiders na naglagay nito, wag kayo manghusga at maglagay ng kung ano ano dito ng hindi man lang alam yun nangyari. CONSIDERATION naman sa Pamilya nun lalaki.

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