Mocha Girls – Lesbians?

Compared to other groups that have been cropping up lately, the all-female group MOCHA launched by Viva Records has gone off to a fast start. The group is composed of Mocha, the group’s front woman, Hershey, Bez and Grace. These girls are too sexy – they make the stage sizzle with every hot performance!

But wait? Are they lesbians? What do these photos mean? Is this just a publicity stunt or do they really make each other hot? Hmm.. check out sexy photos of these hot girls so you know what we mean!


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12 thoughts on “Mocha Girls – Lesbians?

  1. ewwwwwww…..ang hahalay…..napaka laswa….para lang sumikat….gagawin ang lahat…..ano ng ngyayari sa mga pilipina?

  2. mga gago pala kayo, sikat na sikat tuloy ang mocha girls ngayon, kayo puro comment ng negative, loooooosssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!

  3. maybe.. just maybe.. some sexy act of theirs.. and they just exposed it.. besides they’re drinking.. lasing eh nyahaha

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