Martin, hurting for Pops

Julie Ka!
by Julie Bonifacio

NAGSALITA NA RIN finally ang Concert King na si Martin Nievera sa interbyu ng Showbiz News Ngayon, at sa amin sa hiwalayan ng kanyang ex-wife na si Pops Fernandez at boyfriend nitong si Jomari Yllana. Ikinuwento ni Martin na si Pops mismo ang tumawag sa kanya at almost three in the morning, and she kept on repeating to him na hindi alam ng kanyang ex-wife kung ano ang nangyari at hiniwalayan siya ni Jomari.

“She doesn’t know either. She doesn’t know the reason why. Out of nowhere. Just they have, maybe they argued. But who knows how it is when you argue? Ayoko na! Maybe that’s what happened. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I don’t want to be there. But all I know is that Pops was in the dark. She was taken by surprise. And we, her friends and those who love her very much, we have to take up the pieces and here we are. Talking about it again. I mean, everyone is talking about our marriage, everyone was talking about our concert, how wonderful, how weird. How weird and wonderful it is for Jom to be the producer of a Martin and Pops… I mean, everything seem to be going very well. I don’t know what happened, too.

“Even I was looking for him on text, ‘Pare, sagutin mo ang mga text ni Pops.’ I was the one telling him. ‘As a concert artist to the producer, your other concert artist who happens to be your girlfriend is looking for you.’ I was also doing that. And he replied back, ‘I’m going to something right now. Don’t worry I have already spoken to Pops.’ So, I mean, everything was okay. But everything was not okay. I wanted it to be okay and if Pops wants me to be a part of the process of being okay? Then, so be it, I’m here,” sabi ni Martin.

Dito kinumpirma ni Martin na walang repeat na magaganap sa reunion concert nila ni Pops titled Missing You na ipo-produce ulit ng production company ni Jomari. Unless magkakaayos sila o si Pops mismo ang magsasabi raw kay Martin. Pero nagpa-plano na raw ng US tour sina Pops.

“No, it wasn’t with Jomari anymore. I hope not. Because I don’t want to work with this atmosphere again. I can’t do this again. I will not work with Jomari again. I won’t work with Fearless again. I don’t think we can do that now even if he announced it already. These two are fighting. What kind of production would that be, ‘di ba?

“Jom has no confirmed dates. It was just all an idea that the Missing You concert will go on tour. We haven’t yet, but I don’t want to work with that kind of atmosphere. We did that already, I think it’s pretty good of me to have done that where the boyfriend is the producer and the ex-wife is a costar. That’s not the easiest thing in the world to do and a lot of my friends who were not in the business said, ‘Are you crazy? I wouldn’t do that with my ex in his (boyfriend’s) presence.

“There’s no way in the world that ah, I mean, unless of course that Pops and Jom work it out. Pops will tell me that she really wants this at any cost. I’ll do whatever Pops says because it’s got to be up to the two of them. Now when I say, ‘Do you really want to this again at any cost? The cost I’m referring to is your relationship with Jom. Not anything to do with me. That would be the cost.’

“That seems to be the cost if you’re saying that it is a professional or money issue, because I can’t confirmed that. But if that is true, then, we cannot really work together. They’ll just be, you know… I love you, and I love you, too. Not, I love you, where’s my check? You cannot do that, you know. Ang hirap talaga ‘pag in love kayo. “

Kinuha rin namin ang reaksyon ni Martin sa balitang ang susunod na ipo-produce ni Jomari ay ang concert ng dalawang David ng American Idol na sina David Cook at David Archuleta.
“He can take the two Davids, but not Goliath,” diin ni Martin.

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