Kris Aquino, niyabangan si Andrew Garfield?

Kris-Aquino-Andrew-GarfieldPINALAGAN PALA ng isang PR person ang pagyayabang ni Kris Aquino sa interview niya kay Andrew Garfield, ang latest guy to play Spiderman.

In an interview kasi with him, Kris had the gall to tell Andrew bluntly na tinalo nila ang kita ng isang Spiderman movie when Bimby’s first movie was shown. Walang kagatul-gatol na sinabi ni Kris kay Andrew na mas wagi ang kinita ng opening day ng My Little Bossings kaysa sa Spiderman movie.

Wala na ngang nagawa si Andrew kundi sabihing “congratulations!”

Pero isang PR expert, si Joyce Ramirez,  ang pumalag sa kayabangan ni Kris and reportedly said in one interview, “How inappropriate to tell Andrew Garfield that your son’s local movie made more money than Spiderman on opening day then ask for a photo? There is a clear difference between DOLLARS worldwide and PESOS local – NEVER tell a global star you’re greater or they will ban you in the next presscon DUH!”

Aray ko! Kasi naman itong si Kris sobra’ng yabang. Pati sa Hollywood star gustong ipamukha ang kinita ng movie ng kanyang anak.

Two Kris defenders came to the rescue of their idol. One said that “PR expert but has poor comprehension. Ang sbi ni kris dahil napanuod q po un, mas malaki ang kinita ng my little bossings nung first day ng movie kesa s spiderman. D2 s philippines ang tinutukoy n kris.”

Another one said, “Ang sabi n kris d2 s philippines! Hindi naman nya snbi n mas mataas ang kinita ng pelikula n bimby kesa s kinita ng spiderman globally! Bkit dollar b ang currency natin here in tha philippines?”

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by Alex Valentine Brosas


18 thoughts on “Kris Aquino, niyabangan si Andrew Garfield?

  1. I just want to say everybody has a personal thoughts about this article,to nestor ponce i read your full comment,im aware of everthing whats going on in our country,when you say our kababayans belittle ofw’s some yes and others no,,,ang hirap kaya kung nasa ibang bansa,,,
    well me i listen and reckon your comment,im also open comment is not harming anybody and if i do with you,my apology…
    lets just be educated and respect each comments but to say anything bad words to each other,it doesnt help,hindi nmn tayu mgkakilala…..

    • orlie, it’s okay, no harm done and thank you, we’re just explaining our different views here. Thanks orlie.

    • KrisTD, you should learn to post your comments from ewankosayo, wholesome and educated, hindi bastos and definitely not childish, pinag isipan and hindi pang tambay na comment if I may say so.

  2. All I can say is a true and real journalist would know exactly how to handle this type of interviews. Kris lets face it she’s good at what she does, but probably this time around she wasn’t able to handle herself well, especially facing a hollywood actor with a gigantic budget of a movie. Anyways she could have just stated her son was involved in local movie that garnered millions ( the movie is a piece of shit by the way). and avoided stating it beat his previous movie. It maybe subtle and nice but it’s a IN YOUR FACE kinda scenario. Though I think she was only saying this as a proud mom, it still inappropriate in a promotional marketing perspective and also sadly in a journalistic form. Anyways no harm done, Andrew is used to this kind of things and there’s practically nothing wrong said except maybe blowing your own horn for no specific reason, could have been avoided. To those who defend Kris it’s fine, there was no intent to harm on her part, it’s just we expected more given her experience and intellect.

      • she’s good at what she does? this fame whore has no talent whatsoever. She can’t act even if her life depended on it. And how can you say she’s a good host when she’s so tactless??? Oh and let’s not forget how she treats people when there are no cameras around, just ask anyone from abscbn who has worked with her. How this despicable women gets so many fans and admirers in the Philippines says a lot about the intellect (or lack of it) of majority of Filipinos.

      • GetReal, as I said here, people have different views, that’s your view and I have mine, I don’t have to like your views and you don’t have to like mine but it is our own individual views. You are correct in your own view and I am in mine so let’s just leave it at that. That’s why this Comment Box is placed here for our individual views.

  3. @nestor ponce,i totally disagree with you,bat ba isiningit niya ang movie nang my little bossing,,she is there to interview the movie spiderman and the actor…
    everybody says she is intelligent which she is but sometimes she step her level…
    broad minded mn sila tayong mga pinoy is sensitive,at huwag mung parating apihin ang mga pinoy at ang struggling pilipins,kahit papanu ang mga kababayan ntin lkumakayod,kahit mahirap palaban,kaya kung sa tingin mu npaka successful mu well keep it for yourself,dont be mayabang…
    at sa tingin mu ang ngcocomment d2 sa parazzi is tga squatter well ur definitely wrong,kahat nlang ba tga squatter,?hmmm

    • orlie you are also right, but I still believe that interpretation of a situation is based on individual views and principles, so there is no right or wrong to a situation. I’m not bragging by the way and as a matter of fact I openly stated here that I am proud to be an OFW, I am just stating a fact about the true situation of our country. Yes we Pinoys are sensitive and palaban but I still believe that some of our kababayans have the crab mentalities that is not realistic, being one of them for example is having a dozen of kids without jobs, not thinking ahead of what the future of those kids will have, no education, no proper health care, not enough food, etc. In the US, people have 2 or 3 children the most. Drivers in the Philippines have no discipline and the road system is so chaotic , they don’t follow the rules. We’ve had different Presidents and our country has not improved as well because some people and officials are the problem. Why do you think our country is stagnant and always have been a third world country? I respect your opinion but I still stand by what I feel about my comment. I saw a lot of interviews here in the US where actors are interviewed and the reported casually joked and threw in some personal questions to the actors which is just a no big deal, they are actors and they can accept it as rude or they can accept it as just a simple conversation. So what if Kris threw in that money issues, they are both in the industry and Andrew will understand about box office hits, etc. Just my opinion.

    • And orlie, I forgot to mention another pinoy trait that I hate so much, and that is belittling those who wants to speak English and making mistakes. Oftentimes here, a lot of people ridiculed and laughed at my mistakes. “tagalogin mo na lang kasi, trying hard bobo” is what I often got. See now why our country is stagnant? Instead of being supportive for wanting to get better, you are being ridiculed. I never stop writing in English because I don’t want to be influenced by their negative attitude. I will be the one to benefit it. You will learn to be better by practicing and doing it. Koreans are coming to our country for goodness sake wanting to learn English because they are smart to know that they have to learn the language to be able to catch up with the western world for economic growth and they spend thousands of pesos in our country doing that., I remember when our American employers are stationed in Seoul,Korea, we lived there for one year. Korean government imports American teachers to their country because they want their students to learn English, so they pay the American teachers in dollars and they gave them a free single bedroom apartment to live. When we were there, our people would try to speak broken English like me and no one laughs at them. In fact some of them will correct them properly in a nice polite way. Now we know why Korea is progressive. And another Pinoy trait that is so alive until today is the backbiting, jealousy of what the neighbor has. When my wife and I attend a pinoy party here, the backbiting is always in the party. One time I got tired of listening to it, I stood up and told them it is not nice to talk badly about people who are not present because it is not fair, they cannot defend themselves and it is cowardly to do that when you strongly speak bad about people behind your back and when they are in front of you, you are quiet. So now you know why. Because I keep on my persistence to speak the language (have to – my employers are americans), I feel I have improved. Thank God my employers are well educated. they correct my English with respect for my own good is always what they told me and my wife. just my opinion.

    • And another thing orlie, I cannot understand why some of our kababayans look down sa mga OFWs. Oftentimes, they’d say, “OFW ka lang naman, tsimay ka siguro”. For the life in me, I cannot understand why they’d treat OFWs like that. OFWs help our country big time by the remittance they make every month. Even if one OFW is ONLY earning (I emphasized ONLY because some here were saying sus OFW, 20,000 lang naman ang sahod mo) 20,000 pesos a month and if you combine that with over 100,000 or more OFWs in the whole world, that income is sent to the Philippines and that is a big help our country’s economy, so I don’t know some of our kababayans belittle OFWs. Now we know why our country is stagnant.

  4. even if kris said it nicely with a smile, its still inappropriate. The interview is about the movie spiderman and the star, not anything else. You have only a few minutes for an interview, isingit pa iyan. A big booboo para sakin. Im sure di natutuwa si Andrew Garfield niyan

    • soske, I respect your opinion but I still believe that interpretation of a situation is solely based on a person’s opinion and principles. If you think that question about money issue thrown to Andrew by Kris was a booboo, then so be it, that’s your opinion, but I feel that was nothing and that’s how I look at it too and Kris was just trying to engage in a normal conversation. It may sound bragging but it’s a fact anyway that little bossing is one of the top grossing films even if Bimby was not the one responsible for the success of the film, but it is still a fact that it did well in the local box office and good for Kris for throwing that info to Andrew so he knows that our film industry can’t be beaten by foreign films. Americans are liberal and I’ve always seen interviews here in the US where reporters throw in some of their personal issues to actors and politicians as a joke and as a part of the interview and it’s very normal. We Pinoys found that offensive because we are more sensitive and conservative. Andrew is in the industry and he knows how it goes.

  5. ke in a nice way o hindi, hndi nya kelangn p sbhin un sa interview. wlang modesty tlga yang c kris. besides, hndi nmn c bimby ang ngdala ng movie nla kya she better shut up. wg sya mybang

    • hk, you are right to your opionion but I still stand firm about my comment. I feel that money issue in the interview was just nothing, I feel that Kris was just engaging in a normal conversation. Even if Bimby was not responsible for the success of the film but we cannot deny the fact that Little Bossing was one of the top grossing films in our country and good for Kris for throwing that info to Andrew so he will know that our local films cannot be beaten by foreign films. Good for her. Besides these actors have done more than a hundred interviews in their life and they seen it all. Pinoys just found that money offensive because we are sensitive and conservative by nature. I’ve seen lots of interviews here on tv and that kind of situation here is just common, reporters throwing their personal issues to the actors as a joke or just a part of a normal interview, most often, it was no big deal, just part of an normal interview. It’s how you look at things, people have different views. But you are right in your own view.

  6. I’ve seen the interview, I don’t think Kris was mayabang, she said it in a nice, sweet way. It’s not the words that will out from your mouth, it is how you say it. Also in America, people are more frank and direct to the point. Kris was just sharing a fact to that amereican actor and besides she said it in a pleasant way. Besides, americans are more broad minded than we pinoys because that is their culture, frank, upfront and they don’t beat around the bush kaya nga they are progressive while Philippinesis struggling dahil sa attitude nila.


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