Kris Aquino, magiging private citzen muna para magpagaling

Kris Aquino

MARAMING netizens ang nalungkot sa bagong post ni Kris Aquino sa kanyang Instagram at Facebook account na tila tatalikuran na niya ang limelight.

Post ni Kris, “Those who still care for me will thankfully understand why i am choosing privacy… and those i love will simply support my today’s how, what, where, and when.”

     Ayon pa kay Kris, nami-miss na rin niya ang “old Kris”  na nag-iba pagkatapos niyang ma-diagnose na mayroong autoimmune disorder.

“I’m the girl who welcomed you to witness almost every portion of her existence. Kuya Josh and Bimb have both grown up for all of you to see. But for now, i’m closing certain doors and windows into our lives.

“My reason is simple, i need to HEAL… in every aspect of my being… for me to take care of my 2 boys who have seen and experienced way too much of both the good and bad, but for almost a year, it’s really been the physical pain and emotional disappointment that they’ve had to live with.

Patuloy niyang post, “My immediate goal is WELLNESS although it’s clear to me, my autoimmune conditions have no cure. That’s my FOCUS for the next few months: get my immunity stronger, concentrate on the parts of me where i have a chance to be better, and strive for HARMONY where it’s possible.

“Pragmatically, i cannot do that without adopting PRIVACY.”



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One thought on “Kris Aquino, magiging private citzen muna para magpagaling

  1. omg! how many times did she say that she’s going on a socmed hiatus.Then,a day or two ( hindi talaga makatiis) she’s back.Paano sya gagaling if not fully recovered ma stress na naman sya sa mga mababasa nya.I get it talaga.I would say she’s an attention seeker talaga.So,andito pa itong news na ito but she’s back na on socmed.tsk!

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