KB GlutaNac plus Rosehips makes your skin glowy white skin

KB GLUTANAC plus Rosehips is BETTER THAN GLUTATHIONE IN REDUCED FORM  because Glutathione is NOT efficiently absorbed when taken orally. This is the reason why your reduced glutathione in capsules seems no effect at all. Did you know that the one that produces your glutathione inside your body is your OWN cells?

The makers of KB Skin Whitening knows how to explain these details because they, themselves, dedicated years to intensive research to assure the efficiency of the product. This explanation is made by us and orginally from us. 

KB GlutaNac plus Rosehips is a food supplement that helps you produce more glutathione. This is the reason we keep on saying that KB Glutanac plus rosehips is better than Glutathione in reduced form. As we know, almost 99.9% of all so-called whitening product in the market uses reduced glutathione that is made in Japan.  But have you noticed that in Japan there is no such things as capsule form of reduced glutathione? It is because reduced glutathione is a very sensitive compound similar to vitamin C.

A reduced glutathione should be in a compacted sugar coated (tablet form such as PH338 or Tathione 307 – I am sure you heard about this two branded products from Japan) to preserve its efficacy and if you can take those in tablet form it will definitely produce a good result as well plus you take the KB Glutanac plus Rosehips to activate your cells to produce more Glutathione. By combining the two or by just taking one of them, you will get the desires of your heart.

Moreover, the benefits of KB Glutanac plus rosehips is that the extra rosehips which is a natural source of vitamin c (not a synthetic or chemically-synthesized product). It comes from a fruit and a family of rosa canina.Rosehips has a lot of benefits not only as a source of vitamin C but there are so much claims about the rosehips online that it is better than glucosamine or it can treat damage skin such as scars, wound, arthritis, rheumatism and so on. (To know more about it just type on your google, rosehips clinical studies or simply visit rosehips fanpage).

We know that most of our competitors keep on checking our sites for updates and this is the reason why we applied for the patent of Rosehips and it was registered and approved by Intellectual Property Office under class 05 food supplements to our company. Meaning, the formula of our product cannot be copied nor others cannot combine NAC in their reduced glutathione formula.

KB Glutanac and Rosehips can be bought in ALL MERCURY DRUGS with the product code 903935 or 903934 with the price of Php1195.00 (still the most affordable skin whitening in the market) or you can avail the sample trial pack with 20capsules for only Php439.00.

KB Glutanac and Rosehips can be availed also in Watsons Drugstores, Southstar, Fishermall, Asian Massage & Spa – see www.asianmassageph.com, Generika, Rose Pharmacy, Rustans, Savemore and to our online and offline shopping partners (see our album for list).

We are also open for agents, wholesaler and distributorship.

Lastly, you may want to add the following product. KB Collagen Tablet (Made inJapan for Anti Aging – helps to lessen big pores, lessen your wrinkles and helps lighten your dark spots causes by pimples.) This product has skin whitening effect but just a minimal because of the pearl powder which is used by Japanese, Chinese and Koreans for brightening the skin. KB Premium Lotion, KB Premium Soap, KB Magic Towel, KB Rotenyumeguri Scrub, KB Teeth Whitening, KB Whitening Body Powder, KB Silver Soap, KB Underarm Spray, KB Rosehips 100caps,KB Dermafirm Face & Neck Gel.

For more information visit www.ilovekb.com or for promo text 09178125836. To become a reseller text 0917 8005836 for more details.


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  1. Im in my 9th day of taking KB Glutanac and its hard for me to have a supply for am based here in Australia, is there any chance to order in a legitimate online seller?

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