John Lloyd Cruz at Jake Cuenca, biktima rin ng grupo ni Cedric Lee?

John-Lloyd-Cruz-Jake-CuencaNAKAIINTRIGA ANG post ngayong araw (January 29) ng batikang mamamahayag na si Tony Calvento sa kanyang Facebook account. Sinabi nito na sa nangyari kay Vhong Navarro, dapat na umanong magsalita sina John Lloyd Cruz at Jake Cuenca sa mga insidenteng may kaugnayan kay Cedric Lee.

Si Cedric ang isa sa pinangalanan ni Vhong na nambugbog sa kanya sa isang condo unit sa Bonifacio Global City sa Taguig City noong gabi ng January 22 nang puntahan niya roon ang kaibigang babae na pinangalanan din niya sa kanyang interview bilang si Deniece Cornejo.

“Update on the Vhong Navarro case: I have reliable information that the plan was really to grab Vhong before he enters the condo and bring him to a ‘safehouse’ where they would be able to do anything with him and later on….(?) Inside the condo were security officers, CCTV cams and even witnesses. This explains why Deniece was by the elevator and was startled to see Vhong that she blurted,’ binigla mo naman ako’. She went down the elevator and out of the condo. Her place is only at the 2nd floor of the condo and Cedric Lee and his cohorts could have been parked (there were two cars) outside and could have missed Vhong going inside the condo. All these is providential because in the end, if this did not happen, he would have no tale to tell. Maybe it’s about time that John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca start to speak on incidents with Cedric Lee. Will publish the whole affidavit of Vhong soon.” Ayon sa post ni Calvento.

Marami tuloy ang nag-iisip kung mayroon bang kaparehong insidente na narasanan sina John Lloyd at Jake mula sa grupo ni Cedric. Habang sinusulat ito, wala pang lumalabas na pahayag mula kina John Lloyd at Jake. Kung saka-sakali, malaki ang maitutulong ng dalawang aktor sa mabilis na ikalulutas ng kaso ni Vhong, at para madiin nang husto si Cedric at ang mga kasama nito.

Samantala, isa pala si Calvento na masusing tumututok SA kaso at tumutulong para mabilis na maresolba ito. Sa post niya sa kanyang FB noong January 25, nag-update si Calvento sa kung sinu-sino ang mga involved sa pambubugbog kay Vhong. Initials lang ng mga pangalan ang binanggit ni Calvento, at tipong pa-blind item.

“Latest news on Vhong is that a wealthy businessman with initials C.L. and his sister B.L were behind the set-up of Vhong’s mauling. C.L. who has a child with a singer/actress is behind the mauling. Vhong and his camp has not filed any complaint with the NBI nor the CIDG. Some people say that they are being threatened by these brothers. Talked to Deputy Director for Intelligence Reynaldo Esmeralda and he says that a friend of Bong, a comedian formerly from Channel 2 got in touch with them to ask for help but that was all. No follow up. C.L. and his cohorts are threatening Vhong’s family if he files a complaint. This is A1 info on the matter.” Ani Calvento.

Sa January 26 interview ni Vhong sa Buzz ng Bayan, pinangalan ng komedyante si Cedric na isa sa anim hanggang pitong lalaking bumugbog sa kanya sa condo unit ni Deniece.

Matapos ang interview kay Vhong, muling nag-post si Calvento na nagkukumpirma sa nauna niyang ‘blind item’. “Well the cat is out of the bag. Vhong Navarro named Cedric Lee and his cohorts. One of his companion was his brother. Now I guess he’s ready to fight for justice. There is a lesson to be learned here. I am just appalled how the Taguig Police handled the situation. There should have been an investigation right away at that right moment. Vhong should have been brought to the hospital and given protection. His face was a mess there was a crime and they shouldn’t have released the group of Cedric Lee (C.L.) . Was he able to buy the police? Taguig Police sucks and stinks. Cedric Lee boasts of many connections. He was also involved in the mauling of David Bunevacz who’s married to Jessica Rodriguez. It’s about time he is brought behind bars. Cedric Lee has a child with singer/actress Vina Morales.”

Sa post pa ni Calvento nang araw ring iyon, sinabi nito na tinupad nito ang pangakong tutulong sa kaso ni Vhong. “Today I make good my promise to help in the Vhong Navarro case.
“Together with Chito Rono (Vhong’s manager) and a good friend Art Atayde (father of Arjo) I have set an appointment with Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima so the investigation will be impartial, swift and fast. We are scheduled to see her today.
“Do you believe that Vhong is telling the truth? Is he guilty of Attempted Rape? Does he deserve the beatings and humiliation he allegedly received from Cedric Lee and his companions? Let’s all pray that the truth will come out.
“I always believe in what I am fighting for and personally, I see sincerity in Vhong’s statements.”

Kinabukasan, Lunes (January 27), muling nag-post si Calvento ng pinakahuling kaganapan sa pagtututok niya sa kaso. “The meeting with Sec. Leila De Lima was very fruitful. Chito Rono was there, Atty Alma Mallonga and Atty Dennis Manalo came along. I explained to the Secretary that Vhong needed swift justice and an impartial investigation.
The Secretary ordered the NBI Director to file the charges versus Cedric Lee and the rest tomorrow. She also ordered the cordoning of the condominium to preserve what was left in the scene of the crime. She sent NBI agents to get the CCTV footages of Deniece unit. Watch the news channels for video clips re the meeting I arranged. After the case had been filed a ‘watch order’ will be issued against Cedric Lee and the rest. Thank you Secretary De Lima.
On Wednesday, the movie and television artists together led by Susan Roces will hold a rally of support for Vhong Navarro. He is scheduled to undergo surgery any moment now. Let’s say a prayer that all goes well. To God be the glory.”

Dagdag pa ni Calvento sa post, “THE CCTV’s are now in the hands of Sec. De Lima and the NBI. Very revealing and explosive. Now we’ll know who’s lying and telling the truth. Won’t be long now.”

By Danilo Jaime Flores

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29 thoughts on “John Lloyd Cruz at Jake Cuenca, biktima rin ng grupo ni Cedric Lee?

  1. I can’t imagine what Vhong is thinking right now…one bloody mistake and look where you end up…pag talaga gumawa ka ng hindi tama may parusang katapat…sarap na sana ng buhay Vhong, ngayon kahit na anong gawin mo, there is always that little doubt in the minds of many…the evidence shows that the rape did not happen and those who deed you physical harm will hopefully be punished (goodluck sa Philippine Justice), they will be jailed and come out again…to tell you the truth i do not care much what happens to those hodlums but Vhong you are the one we invested our trust and admiration and now it is tarnished because of this….sayang lang talaga…nakaka upset…

    my prayer for you is to well soon and come back to what you love the most, ENTERTAINING…this a test to your faith…faith in God and faith in yourself….it will take time for you and for us to get over this, but this too shall pass and we will still be all there to love you….TIME HEALS EVERYTHING, EVEN PAIN…

    • Lol tarnish p tlga. para namang perfect na tao si vhong, tao din xa tulad natin, na titempt na seseduce. Normal lng po yun.

    • hindi mo rin ba naisip na there is a positive outcome rin sa “one bloody mistake” ni Vhong? that, as what Mr. Tony Calvento said: The cats are out of the bag na?

      Maybe, that “one bloody mistake” of Vhong is God’s way of telling the world what kind of man cedric lee is.

  2. @mighty_thor as far as i know, ang sabe ni vhong is pagpasok nia ng condo, silang 2 ni deniece pag lapag nia ng food? nagulat siya dahil lumabas si deniece. yun yung pinakita sa cctv. then pumasok yung 2 lalake. since almost 3mins lang pagitan nila. tama ang sinsabe ni vhong.

    ang version ni cedric ang mali dahil sabe nia nahuli nia na nakapatong. ano doppleganger? lumabas si deniece then may nakita siya na nirrape kuno? duh!! mali ni vhong naging mahina siya. pero hindi dapat siya nabugbog dahil walang rape nung gabeng un. rape is pag nag touch ang mga private parts. mere touching. kaso sabe db si vhong lang nakahubad ng shorts? so walang rape. kaya magtigil yang deniece na yan. malandi siya. sino ba namang babae maginvite sa condo nia ng ungodly hours. bitch lang talaga. she doesnt deserve any respect. and cedric lee, with his records, di pa ba obvious? he’s a criminal. he needs to be put behind the bars. thats where he rightfully belongs.

  3. Ipagpalagay nating planado ang nangyari sa gabi na yon at malaki ang kasalanan ng grupo ni Cedric. Pero guys diba kung hindi linoloko nitong Vhong Navarro na mukhang unggoy na ito ang gf nya hindi mangyayari ito sa kanya. Masyado syang matakaw sa puke tapos ngayon iiyak iyak sya sa TV. Vhong Navarro sinong linoloko mo, gago ka pala eh dapat nga sana pinatay ka na lang nila. Mas maraming issue ang bansa tulad ng problema sa pagtaas ng mga pangunahing pangangailangan ng tao (kuryente at LPG) Tang ina mo ang libog mo kasi gago…..

  4. Actually, the CCTV footage supports Cedric Lee’s position from the very start. It’s Vhong’s initial statements which proved to be incongruous with what has been shown on the CCTV footage. From the very beginning, Cedric Lee already acknowledged that he and his friends beat up Vhong Navarro after they saw him forcing himself on Deniece Lee. Vhong, on the other hand, initially said that when he entered the condo unit, there were people there already who beat him up. Others even said “na-bulaga” si Vhong. But what the CCTV footage tell us is that Vhong went up ahead of Cedric Lee and his cohorts. Vhong’s initial statement is actually proven incorrect, based on the CCTV footage. So, sino ba ang talagang nagsisinungaling? Ang hirap, trial by publicity ang nangyayari, puro paawa effect ng media. Look at the facts.

    And make no mistake, I am not in favor of Cedric Lee. based on everything that happened, he should go to jail. Assuming his assertions are true, that Vhong was forcing himself on Deniece, which prompted him and his friends to beat him up, it will still not excuse him from jail. Even if there is a “Defense of Stranger” in our legal jurisdiction, one of the elements of such a defense is that “in preventing the criminal offense and saving the victim, the means emplyed should have been reasonable”. Meaning, kapag na-rescue na yun biktima, dapat tapos na yun. Hindi na dapat binugbog yun may sala. Dahil binugbog pa nila si Vhong, dapat makulong sila sa salang serious physical injuries, kaya lang mitigated yun sentence because of incomplete defense of stranger. Pero it doesn’t mean na hindi nga pinagtangkaan ni Vhong si Deniece.

  5. Sana kapag ganyan kasama ang isang tao, gaya ni Cedric Lee at lahat nang mga aso niya. Sana bigyan na siya nang aral. Para hindi na siya makapanakit pa nang iba…At sana lahat nang mga taong kapit niya, pabayaan na si Cedric sa problema niyang ito.baka madamay pa kayo sa problema niya huwag nyo nang idamay ang mga sarili nyo. ..AT kayong mga MASA matyagan ang Kaso ni Vhong, Kapag nabayaran ang hustisya. Mag-alsa na, at kung papanig naman ang hustisya kay Vhong “aleluia” Salamat at mababawasan nang isang gaya ni Cedric. Sana huwag mangyari sa mga anak niya , ang mga ginagawa niya sa ibang tao. Anong akala niya sa sarili niya. pag-aari niya ang buhay nang ibang tao. Cedric sana isa lang ito sa mga Karma na darating pa sa buhay mo. na kung. hindi ka naniniwala sa DIYOS baka ngayon ay ma-aalala mo na siya. kasi ngayon and Diyos mo ay ang pera mo, at sa iyo rin Deniece magsalita ka na nang totoo. magsalita ka na ang tama at totoo. Bata ka pa puwede ka pang mag-bago.

  6. Hindi ko na lubos maisip kung anu pang mga palus0t ang gagawin ng kampo ng mga lee at cornejo sa mga ebedensyang lumalabas na magdidiin sa kanila,sana lng mkuha ni vhong ang hustisya.

  7. Bat wala atang relatives na kasama itong denice especially her rape na kmo anak nyo distansya pa kayo.di kaya kinahiya nila ginawa ng anak nila?

  8. GMA7 can get some pointers from Calvento. Investigate and research before you report. GMA7 haphazardly announced that Vhong was being charged for rape. Medyo desperate measures na sa part ng GMA7 to get on top of the news.

    • Aaaaahhh that’s whats happening. When. Vhong had the interview and counter ng kabila is to file rape against him……they reported moves from both sides…di nga lang directly fromVhing kasi ABs pati sa ganitong case claim exclusivity.

  9. The article mentioned that Vhong was originally to be brought to a safe house and cars were parked outside so they can whisk him away before he even set foot in the condo. I am so thankful that Vhong wore a cap!! That must be the reason why he wasn’t recognized and he was able to enter the condo. Otherwise, he would have ended up in a safe house. Also, I agree with Troy. Maybe God made Vhong the sacrificial lamb to unveil Mr. Lee’s evil ways because He knew that Vhong will do the right thing and give justice not only to himself but to the rest of Mr. Lee’s victims as well. God knows that Vhong is strong enough to get through this. Justice for Vhong!!

    • and at the same time, parang disiplina na rin ng Diyos yan sa kaniya, na mag stick to one na lang siya at huwag nang tumikim pa sa iba, at mukha namang naging aral na sa kaniya yan, na ang una niyang ginawa ay humingi ng tawad sa gf niya na nasa tabi pa rin niya

  10. For mr. Calvento …i am amazed d pa rin p kau nagbabago …mahusay pa rin sa investigative journalism. For mr. Cedric lee and deniece nakakaaawa ang mga kaluluwa nio ..di natutulog ang Dios sana ay d pa huli ang lahat sa inyo.magsisi n kayo .at for vhong sa kbla ng lhat humingi k ng tawad sa family at gf …God bless u and be God’s revenge.

  11. Please naman NBI at iba pang mabubuti sa gobyerno natin. Please hulihin na ninyo ang
    Gagofather nang Intsik Mafia na yan. Abusado. Hustisya para lahat!

    • Manawagan rin tayo sa BIR kung saan galing ang mga kayamanan nitong si Cedric at kung nagbayad ba ito ng tamang buhis. Kung wala ba itong mga hidden agenda. Ano bang departamento ang dapat mag gawa nito? Department of what? These goons have to be stopped dahil baka sila ang mastermind sa mga kidnapan at ibang extortion sa Pinas, baka maka apekto ito sa tourism income ng Pinas.

    • nyahahahhah todas kayong lahat,,,pag nalaman ninyo hahahahha he he sino ba partner niyan sa mining business sa ilocos hahahha sino ba ang Warlord ng Ilocos,,,hahahaha at may koneksyon din siya sa malacanang,,,hahahahha si Ochoa,,,hahaha,,,kilala ba ninyo ang Tiyuhin niyan si delfin Lee,,,,hahahah tanungin ninyo si kabayang Noli kung nasaan si Delfin Lee,,,hahaha

  12. Pingback: Hot Topic John Lloyd Cruz at Jake Cuenca, biktima rin ng grupo ni Cedric Lee? -


    • Troy, ano ba ang relation ni Cedric Lee at Delfin Lee? Di ba may kaso rin yon si Lee at bigla na lang itong nawala. Patay na ba? Di ba anak ni Delfin si Divine? Naalala ko na nung kasikatan pa ni Willie Revillame, palagi nitong pinasalamatan si Delfin Lee. Bakit ba palaging nagpasalamat si Willie nun ni Delfin? Ano bang mga ibinigay ni Delfin kay Willie? Parang, connect the dot na itong pangyayaring ito ah. At saka nabasahan ko rin na ang BIR daw ay gagawa rin ng kanilang embestigasyon kung saan galling ang mga kayamanan ng Cedric na ito at kung nagbayad ba ito ng tamang buhis. Oh my gulay, another headache na naman ito ni Cedric.


      • nyahahaha vaklang troy pamangkin yan ni Delfin Lee,,,hahahhaha,,,,si Cedric ay isa sa mga share holder ng isang malaking minahan diyan sa Norte,,,,hahahha,,ka partner niya ang ilang pulitiko diyan hahahahah Chavit bwahahaha,,,malaks din siya kay Ochoa,,,hahahah tingin mo vaklang troy may mangyayari sa kaso niya,,,,

    • nyahahahah hindi siya papakinggan ng Diyos,,,hahahah malibog nga siya…kaya nga siya nagka ganyan,,dahil sa kalibugan niya…ikaw vaklang troy huwag mong idamay ang pangalan ng Diyos dito…ano naman kaya ang masasabi ng Pastor gary V. niya hahahah

  14. o, ganon naman pala eh, tumestigo na rin sila para kay Vhong at para mabulok sa kulungan yang cedric na yan, magsama silang dalawa ni retokadang deniece hakhak! Mga kriminal!!!

    • nyahahahaha baka balak din nilang aswangin si Daniece,,,kilalang malibog ang dalawang yan,,,hahahha lalo na si jake…walang pinapatawad yan..maski babaeng P.A…hahahah

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