Gary Valenciano, inaabangan ang pagsasama nila ni Charice Pempengco sa isang concert

THE LORD OF Scents Joel Cruz opens 2011 with the big unforgettable show entitled 1@11 on Jan.08 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds featuring Gary Valenciano and Charice. Both of them will launch their new individual scents which created especially for them by Aficionado Germany Perfumes and Joel Cruz Signatures.

What made you decide to accept Joel Cruz offer? “Ang unang ginawa ko nagtanong ako. Are you guys familiar with Aficionado, Joel Cruz? And it was always a positive feedback. And I think you guys in the media knowing the numbers of product that I endorse and the numbers of time that I explain to you all but it’s take times too before I settledown with something. It takes time before I just jumping to, you know endorsing a product. There’s got be proof as why I’m going to do this regardless of you know, I’m maybe paid for but it has over above that it has something I believe in.

The fact that 80 thousand tickets sold, I think it’s proof that there is a lot of support for a product not only that I believe in but people believe in as well. I’m laughing now because I’m sure with people smelling like… oh, my God! Sabi ko, you know, ikaw ‘yun. Yah! Yah! Yah! I’m very conscious about that kasi lagi akong pinagpapawisan. I make it sure I have to smell good. I have to make presentable not just what I wear but how I smell.” Paliwanag ni Gary V.

It’s the very first major live concert that features Gary V. and Charice singing and performing together. How about the rehearsal between you and Charice? “Friday or Saturday, but you know what? She’s not just a singer. She’s an excellent performer and I have confident. I would not have agree if I knew if she could not come up, you know the standard by which has put upon herself being an international artist at this point, representing the Philippines and ways we could dream of. So, I’m very confident that when we step on that stage together and she knows… She’s knows, I’m looking forward to this also. So, when we step down on stage and we do our first number together it’s going to be a number that’s going to be one that I would certainly never forget.

“First time we’re gonna be together. I hope it’s not the last time. It’s the first time we gonna be together for a concert. It’s the first time, actually it’s the first time I’m part of event ‘yung napakalaki raw ng stage. May fashion show, iba’t ibang artist, may mga product na ila-launch. ‘Yung prizes ibibigay sa mga tao so, it’s huge! And of course, you have Charice, one of the biggest thing you see now. I am privilege, really.”

How true that Gary V. is doing more preparations for the show, carrying a show as a whole, than Charice? “Not really, the show is equally split between me and her and it’s gonna be interesting how she’s gonna be performing. I’ve guess, my advantage is I’m performing with my band, Mon Faustino is my musical director. Mon Faustino is not just a musical director. He’s one of the best.

“There gonna be a fashion show pati featuring Joel Cruz and their many artist who will be appearing also. Gabriel, my son is actually working on the opening number. It’s gonna be powerful opening number and he’s working on the music for other parts of the show.” Pagwawakas ng Mr. Pure Energy.

AYAW Paawat!
by Eddie Littlefield

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