Friendship ng aktres sa komedyana, showbiz lang!

KUNG MAY PAGKAKATAON din lang (lalo’t when I’m not out on a drinking binge), sinusubaybayan ko ang programang The Bottomline with Boy Abunda that airs late Saturday night.

My one-time guesting as one of the so-called bottomliners reminded me of focus group discussions (FGDs), kung saan suki ang inyong lingkod whose topics range anywhere between local politics and pharmaceuticals.

Pero kakaiba ang programang ito ni Kuya Boy. To the unfamiliar, the show opens with the host entering the war room to meet the bottomliners. Klaro kung sino ang subject, questions for clarification are laid, Kuya Boy intently listens to them as he prepares for the next sequence kung saan nakakaharap na niya ang kanyang panauhin.

Nitong Sabado, guest ni Kuya Boy si BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, yes, the “chief collectress” of the least understood government agency. Bagama’t may kabigatan nang konti ang paksa tungkol sa buwis, Kuya Boy managed to steer the discussion, in part though, towards a showbiz direction.

Recently, the BIR is reportedly in hot pursuit of Mark Herras. Dawit ang aktor sa umano’y tax evasion case stemming from a business partnership ng isang bar/resto in Cubao, the accounting records of which ay ipina-subpoena na raw, ipasumite ni Mark sa BIR. Mark, however, denied having had a direct involvement in the establishment kahit siya pa ang itinuturong corporate treasurer nito.

With Henares’s guesting on the Bottomline, niliwanag niya na hindi sinampahan ng kaso ng BIR si Mark, taliwas sa napabalita. Categorically, hinihingan lang si Mark ng ahensiya ng mga kaukulang dokumento, but no such tax evasion charge has been filed.

That particular episode of Kuya Boy’s program must be a relief for Mark who, for sure, may not be watching nu’ng mga sandaling ‘yon dahil ayon na rin sa doctor’s advice ay kailangan nito ng pahinga to be able to gain his weight back due to work pressures.

But I will not dwell more on Mark’s enlightened case with the BIR. Biases set aside, saludo ako sa programa ni Kuya Boy (notwithstanding ang mismong host nito) dahil sa pagtalakay ng mga napapanahong isyu para sa interes ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan in a manner that from beginning to end, it leaves its viewers with their mind-boggling questions answered.

LUCHI CRUZ-VALDEZ is one of the few broadcast journalists who have come full circle. Luchi traces her roots to RPN 9 bilang anchor sa Newswatch Filipino Edition, then her journalistic wings had flown her to ABC News with Che-Che Lazaro.

What Luchi learned the American way of broadcasting ay siya naman niyang bitbit en route to ABS-CBN in 1986 that saw the birth of Probe Team. Taong 1998 when Luchi left the team to join GMA 7, only to return to ABS-CBN in 2001 as vice president for News & Currrent Affairs.

Totoong some good things never last, forced to resign si Luchi sa Dos for some reason, and now she heads TV5’s news department. If you notice kung gaano kaagresibo ang mga news programs ng Kapatid Network, credit goes to Luchi, the lady who has found her rightful place under the sun.

BLIND ITEM: IT took a less deserved token of gratitudes for a popular comedienne to realize that an equally popular female celebrity is merely her showbiz friend.

Hindi sa materyoso ang komedyana, ang kanya lang, sana’y naging parehas ang kaibigan niyang aktres sa pagbibigay-pabuya sa naitulong niyang malaki sa kuya nito. Bilang pasasalamat kasi ng aktres ay niregaluhan niya ng isang uri ng appliance ang komedyana, pero ang ibinigay naman nito sa isa pang komedyana ay isang sasakyan.

Kailan lang daw kung tutuusin tumulong ang isa pang komedyana sa kuya ng aktres, hindi tulad ng naghihimutok na ating bida na mula’t sapul ay sumama pa sa mga rally in support of the actress’s family, wala pa man ito sa puwesto.

Nang iparating ng komedyana ang kanyang tampo sa aktres sa pamamagitan ng text message ay sumagot naman daw ang huli. Alam naman daw ng umaning aktres na ikinahihinampo naman talaga ng komedyana ang kanyang gesture.

Hindi na nag-reply pa ang komedyana, du’n na niya napagtanto na ang namamagitan sa kanila ay showbiz friendship lang, in other words, hindi win na win.___________-

by Ronnie Carrasco III

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18 thoughts on “Friendship ng aktres sa komedyana, showbiz lang!

  1. Eh bakit naman magtatampo si Ai Friendship ke Kris Win na Win eh tumulong siya voluntarily, hindi siya pinuwersa ni Kris so in gratitude lang ang pagbibigay ng regalo, walang katapat na pera. Kung iyong sasakyan ang basis of comparison niya so tinatapatan pala niya ng value ang kanyang friendship. Ano ba iyan sino ang plastic?

  2. fyi to ronnie carrasco haters| ai-ai and ronnie were classmates, batchmates in feu (both took mass communications) and been good friends since the late 70s. pretty much they started the entertainment business together and surely if you personally know rc3 and aileen, you would not express your much maligned opinions about my brother. rc3 is the best son my mother could have and the best brother one could have. his tireless work put me through college, and has been a source of help for my mother and my sister and her family. the man you haters defame may be bec of your blinded adulation towards the president’s sister and your hatred towards a tv5 tv host. you guys can comment, disagree with my kuya, but refrain from being mean-spirited and judgmental. rc3 is just baring the facts, and if you really, really, really know the man you ridicule, you people won’t even type the rubbish you flung towards my bro. read his column, you may like it or not, but there’s no need to be personal which doesn’t apply to this person to begin with. ronnie carrasco III is a very good person.

    • benegrad88 thank you for telling us about your bro and I respect a person who helped their family and i’m sure rc3 is a good person and so is a lot of people in this world, but you see, once you are a writer and you wrote an article and you have a space at the bottom of this page for readers to leave their reply, you will expect that not everybody likes the way you write an article and not all people will like your opinion and that is what is happening here and it is good that you come out and defend your bro, but people here are entitled to their own opinion just as your bro is entitled to his own opinion and I’m sure he meant well when he wrote his article and he just merely presented the facts but people are fans and people have idols in the showbiz industry and if a writer writes factual articles about their idol that are not favorable to their fans, their fans by nature will react to the articles and to the writer of the said article because some fans get blinded and become defensive. That is what is happening here. This is a free space for readers and fans to view their opinion about the written article and as a family to the writer, it is unfortunate that people will react this way but as a writer, you just have to ignore criticisms from people for as long as you are telling the truth and you have a clear conscience.

      • thanks for the response. I can understand when hordes of readers disagree with my kuya. I just feel bad when people call my brothers or statements like “mamatay ka sana pati pamilya mo”. I mean back home, i used to for toyota, and hated crispa pero i will never say mamatay ka sana atoy co, philip cesar …. I respect people’s support for their respective movie idols, however, i hope that they don’t the messenger when they dont agree with rc3. As far as kuya is concerned, he used to be one of the writers of kris aquino’s old talk show in 7. However his friendship with ai-ai would always be evident esp when a good friend is not treated fairly. I dont know kris aquino from adam other than seeing her in the buzz wheni peer channel surf, and based on her nationwide dispaly oftactlessness, and her constantly shaming the aquino name, i hope her fans would not overreact bec the proof is in the pudding.

      • Benegrad88, I totally agree and i can see where you’re coming from regarding cursing somebody to die, that is way unacceptable. Yeah, I agree that we can all exchange different opinions but to curse and wish death on someone just because you don’t agree with that someone’s opinion is crazy fowl, unacceptable and people doing that are the ones who are uneducated and have no regard for someone’s feelings and well being. I’m sure they will not like it if the situation is reversed and they won’t be happy as well if someone will wish their death. Yeah, i can see where you’re coming from really. And I absolutely respect you for standing up for your bro. We just hope and pray that everybody who joins this interactive exchange of opinion will limit their answers to a more mature, kind, intelligent and factual response. Peace to all and let’s be careful of what we say cause once you said your piece you can never erase it, it’s been said and it will register into people’s minds and hearts.

  3. b ihisan mo man ng ginto ang bading na ito balahura pa rin… pa intellectual pa ang dating. hoy bakla cheap pa rin ang dating mo. dapat sa mga showbiz write na to lalo na si cristy fermin i-ban na sa pagsusulat at mag host sa tv kasi may mga kaso ang mga ito d lang yun naparusahan na. so anong credibility meron cla!

  4. Ikaw ronnie wala kang pinag kaiba ky LUCIFERMIN parehas kayong magaling mg imbento ng salita yang ba ang kinabubuhay ninyo ang manira ng tao .. shame on you !!!

  5. biglaan naman kasi ang pagkakapangako ni kris kay pokwang ng pink bus nito, kasi natuwa siya sa pagsipot ni pokwang sa kampanya ni noynoy, alam niyo naman na big deal yun kasi makakabangga niya talaga si willie dahil doon, kaya ganiyan ang story niyan,

  6. Kris, ako rin kaya regaluhan mo ng Bugatti Veyron kasi un ang dream car ko. Kaya lang hindi ako nakapangampanya kay pnoy eh. Thanks in advance… hehehe!

  7. ikaw roni karakas eh lubayan mo si kris. masyadong kang bitter kay kris. kung meron ka sama ng loob kay kris, hindi mo ba kayang magpatawad? ‘yan ba ang natutunan mo sa tinatawag mong nanay cristy mo? i’m sure hindi rin matutuwa ang tunay mong ina sa inuugali mong paninira, ‘di ba?

    wala ka rin lang magandang sasabihin sa kapwa mo eh better shut your mouth! ngayon sisraan mo pa ang relasyon ng tatlong magkakaibigan?

    bakit kaya ‘di mo muna linisin ang sarili mo at ang bakuran ninyo bago mo punahin ang sa iba?

  8. masmayaman naman si ai ai kaysa kay pokwang. i dont think materialistic si ai ai para mag expect ng ganun kay kris.

    siguro kung magtatampo siya for a different reason hindi dahil sa material things.

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