Filipino film KADENA (Shackles) in the 8th Annual International Film Festival Manhattan

KADENA (Shackles) poster featuring Nicole Aprid

A SHORT FILM by Filipino filmmaker Arvin Belarmino is set to be screened this month in the 8th Annual International Film Festival Manhattan.

KADENA (Shackles) is a 15 minute family drama-thriller. Ed (Ricky Rosales) wakes up in in an old, shabby basement only to find himself shackled in front of his daughter Ara (Nicole Aprid). As they both work hard to seek refuge from the situation they are in, their trust gets put to the test. Of good and evil, of lies and truth, of life and death, all lines get crossed. 

This film is not for the faint-hearted. This tricky story displayed an unusual kind of father-daughter relationship.

Ricky Rosales in Kadena (Shackles)

According to producer Joanne “Jay” Reyes, the film was shot in 30 hours. She praises Belarmino by saying that the director has number of mind-blowing stories that’s why she agreed to collaborate with him in this project.

Jay Reyes, Dan Masinsin, Arvin Belarmino, Chana Mongaya

The film was also shown in the prestigious Festival de Cannes in France in May 2018 under the Short Film catalog.

If you happen to be in NYC this month, make sure to catch Kadena (Shackles). 



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