Evil Bebot!

PAANO PA BA tatawaging pantasya ng bayan itong si Joyce Jimenez, eh, nagpapaka-evil ang girlash sa piktyur na itey? Hmmm… join with her in heaven este in hell na pala ha-ha!

Parazzi Wires Photo

By MK Caguingin
Photo Oops: Larawang ‘di sinasadya, pero nakakatuwa!
Pinoy Parazzi News Service


8 thoughts on “Evil Bebot!

  1. putrizk might as well introduce myself im donboy espiritu road manager of ms joyce jimenez if you want to check it out here’s our office # ….. for bookings 02 7243632 ayan naka pag promote pa tuloy ako…. i posted my comments just to inform and update joyce’s friends and not to offend you in any way…… thanks….

    btw you can check me out also in fb……… :-)

  2. di ikaw ina-address ko……. nakibasa ka lang ikaw pa galit….. im sharing the info for her friends….. coz i know her personally…… peace :-)

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