Especially for You from Toblerone Personalized Christmas Gifts made Sweeter

“WHAT CAN I give you this Christmas?” once sang The Lettermen. Longer than this song has been around, the Christmas dilemma has been puzzling people all over the world. What can you give someone you love and care about that clearly expresses your sweetest feelings? No need to wonder. At last all of your Christmas gifting woes have been solved. Toblerone gives you the perfect gift to say it sweeter this Christmas!

The Search for the Perfect Gift. Giving gifts is important to Pinoys because we love showering affection. Whether it’s through big or small gestures, we care about what we give. Every year we spend hours agonizing over lists and selections to find that one gift that says, “I love you” or “Thank You.”

We don’t want to give just any gift; we want them to perfectly match the personality of the receiver. Be it rocker, sports lover, or artsy type, we carefully choose gifts that say “I appreciate your personality, and thank you for being in my life.” Yep, gifts really do express a lot of words and emotions. So you need to find the one that says it all.

This Christmas, the gift search is over. With Toblerone, you can give the sweetest, most delicious and personalized gifts! Give the gift of a delicious Toblerone bar, now with special designs for Christmas. And there’s a new flavor to enjoy, Toblerone Crunchy Almonds!

That Special Touch of Sweetness. Available for the Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Crunchy Almond flavors, you can give Toblerone in stunning and cool new designs. You don’t even have to wrap them! The delicious treat inside is made more joyful by the packaging that’s made especially for you and those you will give gifts to.

Want a gift that says a “Merry and Sweet Christmas?” Give Toblerone in the new Christmas packaging, with a special message from Santa inside. You get to print your friend’s name and put it on the Toblerone pack too. Wow, a bar of chocolate with your name on it. Get one for your friends, especially for Mark, Grace, Randy and Kate!

How about a gift that’s perfectly matched to your brother or BFF’s personality? Choose from among the five limited edition Team Manila designs, especially for you. Get the edgy Rocker design, or the awesome Techie one. Don’t forget your girly friend! There’s a design that’s just for her too along with your sporty and artsy barkadas. Give a sweet and delicious gift with a touch of the country’s hippest design group.

The ultimate sweetest gift is one that shows your personal touch. With Toblerone, you can send a sweet video message to that special someone or your mom with every bar you buy. Just purchase the special Toblerone pack with the QR code, record a video and present your gift. Once received, the QR code can be scanned to play your very special message. That’s a sweet and totally different way to say Merry Christmas! Better than a card, you say your message sweeter, new age style. And with a delicious bar of almond nougat chocolate too.

Toblerone is coming to Town! All of these gifts can be yours when you visit the many Toblerone gift hubs now open all over Metro Manila! No need to go mall hopping to complete your gift list. Save time and money. Just stop by a Toblerone Gift Hub at your favorite mall and choose among the many gifts offered. You can even shop while you wait, run errands or relax! Just leave your list and come back with your customized named Toblerone bars.

Visit the Toblerone gift hubs at SM MOA, Megamall, Podium, Robinson’s Galleria, Trinoma, Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown, Newport, Promenade and Gateway. And you’ll see Toblerone in more malls soon! Stay updated by going to the Toblerone Facebook page:

Launched last November 6 in SM MOA, Toblerone brand ambassadors funnyman Ramon Bautista and “It Girl” Patty Grandidge shared how they plan to give Toblerone as gifts to say it sweeter to their loved ones. See Ramon’s Christmas video for Toblerone too on Youtube.

This Christmas, Toblerone can help you say it sweeter. Choose to give the perfect gift that’s sweet, delicious, and made especially for you by Toblerone!

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