Dulcinea: Celebrating 50 Years

DulcineaDULCINEA, THE word itself brings to mind thoughts of sweet things, lovely damsels, and Don Quixote. But for many Manileños, it also represents a fifty year love affair with great food and sweet pastries.

Dulcinea’s history actually began in 1961, when Señor Santos Ruano decided to leave his grandparent’s pasteleria in Spain to travel to the Philippines. Bringing with him his wits, experience, and the knowledge of his grandparent’s recipes, SeñorRuano opened up the DulcineaPasteleria y salon de Te and the rest, as we say, is history.

What began as a humble little pasteleria on Mabini Street in Ermita has become one of the enduring names in Manila cuisine. Three generations of Filipinos have walked through Dulcinea’s doors, a tradition continued from parent to child, from family to family.

Fifty years after the dream, Dulcinea still remains an intrinsic part of the lives of many Manila residents. Today, Dulcinea continues to uphold the tradition of serving delicious food and sweet pastries set by its founder, and hopes that customers would find their own slice of history dining in one of their many outlets or catering events. Interested parties may reach them at the following numbers: (02) 920-7892, (02) 817-7074, and through email: dulcinea_desde1963@hotmail.com.



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