Derek Ramsay, may plano nang mag-quit sa showbiz

Derek Ramsay

DESIDIDO ang bida ng pelikulang All Of You na si Derek Ramsay na layasan ang showbiz kapag ikinasal na siya sa kanyang non-showbiz girlfriend.

“One thing is for sure,  when I get married that’s the time when I have to turn my back in showbiz.

“I guess that’s the next chapter of my life. And I’m very confident with it, like with my Frisbee,  tama na,” pahayag ng aktor.

“It’s my passion, I’m very passionate about my craft and my career but if I’m going to be a good father, if I wanna be a good husband, I think I need to give more time.

“In this industry kasi, they take so much of your time and you do have to think about yourself because you have to concentrate bringing life to so many different characters and that’s so emotionally heavy.

“I admire the ones that are still in the industry. I admired their strength and how they do it but with me, I’m very intense when I get into my character that if I’m gonna get married I don’t want to bring all of that home,” dagdag  na na pahayag ni Derek.

Hindi naman daw siya natatakot mawala sa showbiz dahil nakatapos naman siya ng pag-aaral.

“I finished college, that was a priority of my mom, so I have a fallback. I don’t know what it is that I’m gonna do but I’m very confident naman with myself that I’ll find something to support the family,” sambit pa ng leading man ni Jennylyn Mercado sa All Of You na palabas na sa Dec. 25 bilang isa sa 8 pelikulang kasali sa 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival.


La Boka
by Leo Bukas

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