Claudine Barretto, itinangging nagkakalabuan na sila ni Raymart Santiago

ITO TALAGANG SI Kris Aquino ayaw paawat at gusto pang nakawan ng eksena ang nalalapit na oath-taking ng kapatid niya.

Ang pag-uusapan dapat sa inauguration ng President-elect Noynoy Aquino ay ang oath-taking nito at ang pagsisimula ng Aquino administration, pero sumabay naman itong isyung problema na naman nina Kris at James na sinusubaybayan na naman ngayon.

Ayaw magsalita ni Kris sa ngayon dahil hindi naman daw ito magandang pag-usapan pero magpapaalam naman ito sa The Buzz sa Linggo at ganu’n din sa Showbiz News Ngayon, kaya siyempre ‘yun ang aabangan kung ano ang sasabihin nito tungkol sa tunay na kalagayan nilang mag-asawa.

Ewan ko lang kung pagsasabihan ito ng mga kapatid niya na manahimik na lang talaga para hindi naman mang-agaw ng eksena sa inauguration ni Noynoy.

Ang isa tuloy sa aabangan mo sa oath-taking sa June 30 ay kung dadalo ba si James.

Si James naman ay hindi talaga nagsasalita kaya ang maririnig lang natin kung sakali ay ang bersyon ni Kris.

Hay, naku! Sana hindi naman pagdaanan ngayon ni Pres. Noynoy ang problema nila kay Kris na hinarap noon ng Mommy nila noong presidente pa ito.

ANG ISA PANG narinig ko ngayon na medyo nagkakalabuan na rin daw ay ang mag-asawang Raymart Santiago at Claudine Baretto?

Abangan n’yo na lang sa Startalk ang exclusive interview namin kay Claudine dahil sinagot naman niya ang isyung ito na hindi naman daw totoo.

Nagulat daw siya kung saan nanggaling ang isyung iyan dahil okay na okay raw silang mag-asawa. Meron kasing nagkuwentong nagpapahanap daw si Claudine ng isang condo-unit kaya napagdudahan itong baka makipaghiwalay na ito sa asawa niya.

Si Raymart naman tahimik lang iyan, kaya hindi na niya papatulan ang isyung iyan.

Ang sabi naman ni Claudine, malabong mangyari iyan dahil hindi naman daw sila nag-aaway na mag-asawa.

May nagkuwento pa kasing dumalaw minsan si Claudine sa set ng Diva, kung saan isa sa mga artista du’n si Mark Anthony Fernandez.

Sabi naman ni Claudine, dumalaw nga raw siya roon pero nakalimutan nga raw niyang kasali pala roon si Mark.

Ang sadya raw niya roon ay si Direk Dominic Zapata na close friend niya. Meron lang daw siyang ibinigay sa kaibigang direktor pero wala naman daw si Mark nu’ng dumating siya.

Magkalapit daw kasi sila ng set na pinagteypingan kaya dumaan na lang siya. Pero sey ni Claudine kung sakaling nandu’n si Mark, hindi naman daw siya bababa ng sasakyan.

Kinlaro rin ng aktres na lagi silang nagba-bonding na pamilya kaya maayos daw ang kanilang pagsasama.

Every Saturday daw ay may family gathering sila, kung saan kumpletong dumadating doon ang Santiago at Baretto family. Siyempre si Gretchen Baretto lang ang wala. Pero masaya raw silang nagsasama at wala raw silang kapruble-problema.

Mga Mata ni Lolita
by Lolit Solis

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16 thoughts on “Claudine Barretto, itinangging nagkakalabuan na sila ni Raymart Santiago


  2. MANILA — Johnny, not his real name, has been working as a cameraman for ABS-CBN’s current affairs program for 22 years. On June 18, he was told by security guards that he is among those who have been banned from entering the company premises.

    On June 16, Johnny, like many of his colleagues, was summoned to the human resources (HR) department. He was being offered a new contract, stating, among other things, that he has to work for eight hours a day for a salary of P25,000 (USD 548.84, based on peso exchange rate of 1USD=P45.55) and that he would be on probationary status for six months. He told the HR staff that he would think about the offer.

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    Basic Labor Rights

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    In the said case, the petitioners, all employees of the ABS-CBN Cebu, claimed they had rendered more than a year of service to the company and, therefore, should have been recognized as regular employees entitled to security of tenure and to the privileges and benefits enjoyed by regular employees. However, ABS-CBN Cebu allegedly considered them only as talents and not as regular employees.

    “The bad faith in ABS-CBN’s move toward its illegitimate goal was not even hidden; it dismissed the petitioners – already recognized as regular employees – for refusing to sign up with its service contractor. Thus, from every perspective, the petitioners were illegally dismissed,” the Supreme Court said in its decision dated January 21.


    “The management does not consider us as kapamilya, not even children out of wedlock,” Perez said.

    Galima said they have been treated like criminals. “Our pictures are posted at the gates,” he said, adding that they were denied access to the network’s compound and could not even talk to the HR to ask about the status of their employment.

    On the day of Lopez’s deadline, Galima said, they could not find their names on the schedule of programs and on the list of those who would be on a day-off. “Until now, we got no answers,” he said.

    Most of the 25 dismissed workers are breadwinners and have children. “Some of us are really devastated,” Perez said.

    “My children do not know yet that I am now jobless,” Johnny said tearfully. “I have not told them because I do not want them to get discouraged from pursuing their studies,” he said. Johnny has four children, three of whom are in college.

    Co-employees who expressed support to the dismissed workers have been wearing arm bands but are also being threatened of losing their jobs, Perez said.


    Perez also expressed fear that their case could set a dangerous precedent to the media industry.

    “This is an attack against media workers in general,” Perez said, adding that even rank-and-file employees can become contractual. “Other networks can follow suit,” he said. He said further that when it comes to the welfare of workers, rival networks are silent.

    Appeal to Noynoy

    Perez said they would try to seek the help of incoming President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

    “He said he wants more jobs for Filipinos, we hope we are included in those who will still have jobs. We hope we would not be added to the statistics of the unemployed,” he said.

    “He said he is against corruption. We hope we would not be victims of corruption in relation to the cases we filed before DOLE,” the union leader said.

    As for Johnny, he said, a good company should also maintain good standards for the interest of its workers. (

  3. bkt my ebidensya b kyo? n nagkkalabuan cna claudine at raymart? e puro kyo tsismis eh hay ang tao nga nman puro intriga wlang ebidensya!!!

  4. HIndi na siguro makayanan ni Raymart ang masamang ugali ni Claudine. Palamura at mainitin ang ulo. Siya din yata ang naba blind item na dalawa ang personality.

    Kung yung kapatid niya mismo , hindi niya pa kayang ibang tao?

    • Aba kung makapagsalita ka akala mo naman kilalang kilala mo si Claudine! Dumedepende ka lang sa blind item? Sure ka ba na totoo yang isyu na nagkakalabuan? Naghahanap lang ng condo, binigyan na ng kulay! Asan ang mga utak ng mga reporters na to, may maisulat lang!

  5. kaya nag iingay si kris tungkol sa problema(?) nila ni James eh para mapagtakpan ang isyu nya na nangengealam sa senado. kaso bumalik pa rin sa kanya ang intriga kasi nga natabunan naman nya ang coming oath taking ni president noynoy. na ewan ko ba naman kung bakit hindi mabigyan ng respeto ni kris kahit man lang tawagin na simpleng kuya noy. ano ba talaga itong babaeng ito? hindi ko alam kung ano na ang meaning ng babaeng bastos at may breeding dahil sinira lahat ni kris ang kahulugan nito.

  6. kaya hindi nagsasalita si james yap dahil takot siyang ma-interview at mapalaban siya ng inglisan,…lol!

  7. kailangan ng ingay ni claudine sa madilim nyang bituin, at ang nakikita nyang behikulo ay si mark at mismong asawa yun lang period.

      • hay nku honey…kamag-anak kba ni claudine or isang sira ulo na fan nya… harharhar!!!!
        wla k nmang mpapala sa pgtatanggol s knya…d k nman mgkakapera…boba…

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