Cesar Montano, ipinagtanggol ni Dolly Anne Carvajal sa kinasasangkutang kontrobersiya

IN hot water ngayon si Cesar Montano bilang Chief Operating Officer ng Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) matapos pumutok ang balita last Monday tungkol sa katiwalaan na kinasasangkutan umano niya base sa inihain na formal complaint ng mga empleyado ng kanyang opisina recently.

Cesar Montano with Dolly Anne Carvajal

Pero here comes Dolly Anne Carvajal na personal friend ni Cesar na gustong depensahan ang BFF na si Buboy.

Sa kanyang Instagram account, sinulat ni Dolly: “BFF Buboy @cesar_montano is like a brother to me so I know him that well. He is such a kind soul and has no mean bone in his body. It saddens me that some people pass judgement on him based on the controversies he gets embroiled in.

“BFF told me the story behind the story of the TPB (Tourism Promotions Board) controversy. If the allegations of some of the employees of TPB are true, why don’t they have the balls to reveal who they are? How dare they complain and complain yet remain anonymous. What are they afraid of? If they are on the side of truth, why hide?

“Takot sila sa sarili nilang multo. Shame on them. It’s clearly a demolition job. Maybe they should just resign from TPB and shift to scriptwriting because they are experts in concocting stories even President Duterte refuses to believe their preposterous claims.

“BFF shared with me his rebuttal to each of the allegations of the employees. Buboy hit it bullseye. In time, he will be vindicated. BFF has survived many battles. This too shall pass.

“The nice thing about Buboy is that even when he’s going through tough times, he never loses his zest for life. I’ve seen him through many crises and he never lets it dampen his spirit. BFF Buboy may be knocked down but never knocked out. He’s a born winner. Mayroon bang hindi kinaya si BFF Buboy? Never heard!”

Kung saan man mapupunta ang isyung ito ay abangan na lang natin.

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