Candy Pangilinan, discriminated the Igorots?

KUNG MINSAN, HINDI talaga maiiwasan na madala tayo o maging ‘so at home’ sa mga binibitiwan nating pananalita, lalo pa’t gusto nating magpatawa sa ating kapwa. Hindi inakala ng komedyanang si Candy Pangilinan, na ang biro niyang “Tao po ako, hindi Igorot” will create such a stir sa mga nakaharap niya sa Baguio sa kanyang ginawang palabas doon.

Nu’ng nasa Guam kami, nasabi na sa akin ng manager ni Candy na si Angeli P. Valenciano na umagang-umaga eh, tumatawag na sa kanya si Candy at worried dahil hindi pa tapos ang mga eksena nito sa Only You at kailangan na niyang magbiyahe patungong Baguio para sa show niya that afternoon. At noon pa lang pinakawalan sa kanyang taping ang komedyana.

And now, hindi mapigilan ni Candy ang mag-iiyak, dahil kaliwa’t kanang pagtuligsa ang inabot niya sa mga e-mail, text, at internet blog, na nagpapahayag ng galit sa kanya ng mga taga-Baguio. Kaya, ‘eto naman ang paliwanag ni Candy, na mula sa kanyang puso eh, humihingi hindi lang ng paumanhin kundi patawad sa kanyang mga napasama ang loob sa nasabing pagkakataon.

“Mali ako. Hidi po ‘yun ang gusto kong iparating. Sorry po.

“I am truly sorry because I uttered an insensitive statement during the event. I did not mean to hurt anyone, especially, our Igorot brothers and sisters. It was a careless remark and for that I am truly sorry. The harm was done and regardless of what explanation I give and whatever my intention was when I uttered such words, any defense would not matter at this point. I was wrong. I clearly remember that I did apologize for the careless statement I said during the show. Comedians have a tendency to go overboard and say the wrong things to catch those punchlines and sometimes, one can get reckless. Truly I am sorry for my mistake. I have learned a precious lesson and I am sorry that I had to hurt people in the process.
“I sincerely wanted to be a part of the community and delivered the lines correctly. I had no sleep that day and was very tired. In all of my shows I try to make it a point to let my audiences feel that I am a part of and one with them. If you were there and had finished the show, you would have heard me acknowledge my mistake. I apologized, and explained myself. I even went on to uplift the Benguet/Igorot Community. I am very proud of their contribution to society. I, as a person and a Filipino would never intentionally discriminate nor disrespect my roots, my ancestors, and my fellow Filipinos.

“In summary I pray that people would realize that I do not look down on anyone of a different race, heritage, or religion. Again, I am deeply sorry. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me though it may be difficult to understand why I did it. There are certain things we regret saying in our life, and this was one major error! And may the Lord Jesus Christ forgive me and release me from such a major blunder.”

The Pillar
by Pilar Mateo

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13 thoughts on “Candy Pangilinan, discriminated the Igorots?

  1. One cannot unite with another fellow man if he/she cannot learn the beauty of each other. Our tradition and culture serves the purpose of people being proud for being part of this country. An apology for our mistakes is forgiven, but the hearts purity is something we all should be looking into.

    Words without works is dead.

  2. Candy, im warning you, pasalamat ka mababait ang taga Baguio, pero gawin mo sa amin yan sa CDO or Iligan and nearby towns/cities, cgurado, babatuhin ka namin ng kamatis. . . .kamatis sa loob ng garapon!

  3. para patunayan ko sayo ang tapang ng mga taga-patag,
    hinahamon kita.

    hindi lang ikaw ang meron niyan sa gitna ng dalawang hita mo.

    ikaw nga coward diyan. internet ka lang matapang

  4. the remark was very insensitive of candy. hindi polished ang kanyang breeding and respect for other people kaya nasabi niya yun on a spur of the moment.

    sa nagsabi na igorot lang ang matatapang na lumaban sa kastila, isa ka ding hangal katulad ni candy. di mo siguro kilala sina aguinaldo, rizal, bonifacio, del pilar, mabini, at iba pang tagalog, ilocano, bicolano at kapampangan.

    para patunayan ko sayo ang tapang ng mga taga-patag,

  5. Ito lang ang masasabi ko: Igorots are the only people in Luzon who resisted from the Spaniards..The rest are cowards..

  6. “Tao lang po ako, di ako Igorot”….

    maski magsorry na siya…. damaged already done… anong magagawa ng sorry niya sa mga taong nasaktan niya??

    that reflect na napaka CLUMSY niyang tao when it comes to pananalita… dahan dahan lang po….

    kung totoosin,… ano ba sa isip niya ang mga Igorot?? di ba mga tao rin sila….??

    sabi ng text sa akin….

    Igorots are not human….


    they are gods and goddessess….

    parang mauulit nga yata ang sinabi ni Rumulo noon….

    sana magsilbing aral un sa lahat… bye bye….

  7. As I recall, Kris Aquino also made an insensitive remark about an actor with an igorot heritage who past away. What an insensitive group of dumg brains.

  8. Who the hell is Candy Pangilinan? never heard of this dumb brain. Is she an actress? Just goes to prove that this person is an unknown and would have remained an unknown if she did not make this insensitive comment. I am not an igorot but I do admire these english speaking breed. They are very proud of their culture, something that most of us filipinos have lost. What culture that this Candy belong to. A MUTT? In layman’s term, asong gala?

  9. i am proud to be igorot. i don’t deserve to be discriminated! especially in my own place!!! in this contemporary times, there should be no room for discrimination, of looking down at others. no wonder filipinos can never be one bec filipinos discriminate their own kababayan. the slip of the tongue made by CAndy comes from a common notion that igorots are lower or second class citizens. that also proves that many filipinos are ignorant about igorots, even some of the supposed civilized educated filipinos do not really know igorots. i hope such remarks may not happen again to any indigenous group in our country.

  10. I am A Nurse-as well as a Clinical Instructor in a prestigious university here in the Cordillera. I am an IGOROT. Specifically, I belong to the Ibaloi Tribe. People should know that IGOROTS are human being and must be treated fairly. I do believe that HUMILITY in our hearts is one among the qualities of an Igorot. We need not tell people that we possess all of the wealth or fame here on earth. We are just simple people. We do not boast what we have in life. Even if he/she is the son or daughter of the highest ranking person in the Cordillera, we are always humble.

    No one escapes from discrimination. But we have to respect any one’s origin and culture.

    We don’t even know your origin but we do respect you as an entertainer/a comedy actress/a person/a human being. This incident serves as a lesson to others who has wrong impressions about Igorots. Integrate with us (Igorots).Learn our culture. I challenge you,so you will know.

  11. “I am an Igorot. Let me be treated as I deserve—with respect if I am good, with contempt if I am no good, irrespective of the name I carry. Let the term, Igorot, remain, and the world will use it with the correct meaning attached to it.” – Jose Dulnuan
    posted by FBI offspring17…

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