Call Center Girl, biggest comedy event of the season

IN LINE with its on-going 20th anniversary celebration, Star Cinema join forces with Skylight in the much-awaited grand comedic team-up of the one and only Mamang Ng Bayan Pokwang, sexy young actress Jessy Mendiola, and versatile young actor Enchong Dee in the highly anticipated comedy movie of the season Call Center Girl.

Call Center Girl is the maiden film collaboration between seasoned director Don Cuaresma, who is known for his superb work on ABS-CBN’s top-rating soaps Ina, Kapatid, Anak; Maria La del Barrio; Rubi; and 100 Days To Heaven and scriptwriter Kriz Gazmen who was part of the creative team behind Star Cinema’s blockbuster movies No Other Woman, Sisterakas, and Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat.

Call Center Girl is a riotous, laugh-a-minute family movie that assembles a stellar cast of the country’s most hilarious and wackiest comedians which include Chokoleit, K Brosas, Ogie Daiz, John “Sweet” Lapus, Dianne Medina, Alex Castro, Ejay Falcon, and Aaron Villaflor; with the uproarious Pokwang, Jessy, and Enchong as the film’s unifying element. This roller-coaster comedy is set against the backdrop of the Philippines’ fast-growing call center industry.

“It’s been quite a while we saw Pokwang in a major comedic role in a full-length feature film,” says director Don Cuaresma. “Her comedic timing is impeccable and her flare and luster for comedy never ceases to amze me. Enchong and Jessy are also equally very brilliant in the film. Jessy is a natural comedienne and Enchong once again showcases his very wide and impressive range as an actor.”

The movie is centered on Teresa (Pokwang) who is in a desperate race against time to unite her family and win back the affections of her estranged daughter Regina (Jessy Mendiola). By some twist of fate, Teresa (who worked in a cruise ship for 13 years) lands a job in a call center where her daughter Regina is employed thus providing her with the perfect opportunity to rekindle her broken relationship with her daughter. In the process, Teresa encounters a diverse bunch of people from different walks of life, including their team leader Vince (Enchong Dee). She then gradually appreciates the concept of extended families and ultimately, Teresa, Regina, and even Vince learns the true value of family as they discover their individual purposes in life.

Furthermore behind its pomp and humor, Call Center Girl offers an insightful look on the plight of OFWs and how the absence of parents working abroad affect their families and children. The movie also provides a realistic simulation of the real-life challenges call center agents face on a daily basis – from handling disrespectful calls of irate and rude customers to the irregular hours their job demands.

“We really became like a true family on set and you can see the strong rapport of the actors on screen,” says the beautiful Jessy Mendiola, who is acting opposite Pokwang and Enchong in the big screen for the very first time. “We can’t stop laughing while doing our scenes. We all worked very hard to make sure that audiences would leave the cinemas laughing and gagging for more. Everyone will surely enjoy this movie.”

Pokwang on the other hand explains that behind its non-stop mirth and hilarity, the film is essentially a family movie with a heart. “With our very talented ensemble cast which consists of the industry’s finest comedians, it is guaranteed that audiences will surely laugh out loud and roll in their seats. But at the very core of the movie is a loving mother who will do anything to give her family a better chance at life. I can very much relate to my character because I myself am willing to make all the necessary sacrifices to ensure a bright future for my child.”

Enchong Dee, who captured the hearts of the entire nation with his intense dramatic role in the recently concluded top-rating soap Muling Buksan Ang Puso, plays the role of a nasty call center team leader. He says that it’s very refreshing to do a comedy film with no less than the Mamang Ng Bayan Pokwang and the gorgeous star of Maria Mercedes, Jessy Mendiola. “It’s such a challenge to make other people laugh and I learned a lot from our director and my co-actors. I grew as an actor in making this film and it’s great to take a break from drama this time. It was so fun to play the vicious role of Vince. It’s exciting to see how his character will turn out in the movie.”

Ultimately, Pokwang, Jessy, and Enchong are in agreement that they are all honored and thrilled to be part of Star Cinema’s 20th anniversary through Call Center Girl. “Audiences will laugh and cry and laugh again in this movie,” says Enchong. “And it has all the elements of a good and unforgettable family movie,” Jessy added. “I am very grateful to Star Cinema for giving me a chance to work with such a fabulous director, cast, and crew. I’m very, very proud of this crazy movie of ours,” explains Pokwang.

Catch Call Center Girl in cinemas nationwide starting Nov. 27.

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