Black Fortalejo (Cristine Reyes-Denise Laurel)

Mukhang takot na takot sina Emerald at Jewel… este, Denise Laurel at Cristine Reyes dito. Nand’yan na ba ang mga De Silva?!

By Mica Rodriguez

Parazzi Wires Photo

Photo Oops: Larawang ‘di sinasadya, pero nakakatuwa!
Pinoy Parazzi News Service

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One thought on “Black Fortalejo (Cristine Reyes-Denise Laurel)

  1. congrats ms.DENISE LAUREL!!! what more can we ask for beautiful acting, beautiful face and a beautiful singing voice! and beautiful inside and outside! a beauty and brains! with a good moral character!!! WE should have more actors that should emulate this lady. I have heard her sing in church and i must say it makes going to church beautiful too.Abs must be so lucky to have someone like her in their network and YES! we want to see more of her instead of those wannabes who have not alent at all and trying hard to be so classy and yet Ms. DEnise is so humble inspite of her family moneyed and political background. KUdos and Bravo Ms. DEnise !!!

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