Banana Peel, Everybody’s Favorite Flip Flops!

John-Lloyd-CruzALMOST 12 years of being in the industry has taught us that fashion is a dynamic force. This is what continues to feed Banana Peel with motivation and creativity. In 2002, we came upon the idea that flip flops should not be confined in tight, four-cornered spaces, rather, it should be a part of the fashion savvy’s outdoor lifestyle; and that was how our flip flop adventures began.

Banana Peel has been immensely blessed, now being available in 28 branches and major department stores nationwide. For about 4 years now, 9 distributing countries have also welcomed our Filipino-designed, staple flip flops. The international shores of the Maldives, Taiwan, Saipan, the US and Australia are only some of the places where the Banana Peel crave is being satiated.

This is why this 2014, to officially concretize these ideas, we have taken foreign models to artistically associate the foreign patronization of our products, the product itself, and even the expansion of our product lines; shot in a Philippine setting. All these ingredients combined are the perfect embodiment of what Banana Peel is about in being ‘Everybody’s Favorite Flip Flops!’

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