Amy at Mr. Fu Tapatan


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2 thoughts on “Amy at Mr. Fu Tapatan

  1. Not to mention every vehicle’s prime mpg varies. I drive a 2007 Jeep liberty and I even now get over 23 mpg driving at about 75 mph while in the highway. It isn’t until I drive over 90 that I see my mpg’s go below the 20 mpg mark

  2. Murphy got out just in time as the Masuk program will get a big hit over the next 3 or 4
    year. Newtown has dominated their Freshmen and JV programs in 2012-2011-2010, etc.
    These kids do not know what it is like to lose to Masuk.
    I give Murphy credit for knowing when to leave instead of having
    his record blemished for 3 years. Without
    Masuk currently being able to run to the title, the SWC will be Newtown’s league since I do not see any teams even coming close to becoming able to hang with them.

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