Aktres, sinunog ang P1-M budget sa movie!

KAWAWA NAMAN ‘yong US-based na Pinoy financier na naglabas ng almost US$20,000 (around 1 million pesos) para ipa-line produce ang isang pelikula na ipinagkatiwala niya sa isang “kaibigan” na aktres.

More than a year na ‘yong supposed to be movie project na wala pa rin progress report ang aktres na napabalitang sinunog na nito ang puhunan ng proyekto na as of this writing ay deadma ang aktres sa demand letter ng lawyer ng financier.

May letters “Z” at “L” sa kabuunan ng pangalan ng B.I. namin.

By RK Villacorta




12 thoughts on “Aktres, sinunog ang P1-M budget sa movie!

  1. sino pa edi si Zarian Libera!!! inugat na ang mga produ di pa rin maipalabas. ayun sa kadulu-duluhan naipalabas din kaso flopsina pa rin as expected ahahahahaa

  2. From now on, i will stop reading PEP and Fashion Pulis on the web. Both of them are irresponsible. Fashion pulis posted an article from an anonymous sender claiming that kim chiu was an ungrateful and an unforgiving daughter and did not provide financial support to her mother while she was sick. We all know that these were all lies. The Fashion pulis column of mike sy lim did not investigate the claims on the letter before posting its contents. This was irresponsible journalism. Since the fashion pulis would not post my critique on his column, i decided to bring this up on PEP. PEP removed my two comments within a minute which infringed on my free speech right. Both PEP and Fashion pulis are in cahoot about this issue. I do not know if they are owned by the same company or the Fashion pulis mike sy lim has a strong connection with PEP thatnthey decide to delete my comments asking bloggers to stop reading the Fashion pulis website. Now i havebto include PEP also. I hope you guys will not do what PEP did. Can you make an article about this? Both PEP anf Fashion pulis need to know that free speech is protected under the law and there was no profanity in my comments. It was just asking bloggers to boycott the Fashion Pulis because of the article that they posted without investigating it first. Thank you.

    • Mind you the editor of PEP–JoAnne Maglipon was once jailed in Bilibid during the Marcos’ rule for writing against the Martial Law Regime– You would think something nice would come out of it from her sitting behind the steel bars. I guess freedom of speech only applies to her and her alone. And those moderators at PEP are just a pathetic bunch. Or is the moderator Maglipon herself being paid nicely by celebrities. I’ve browsed through Fashion Police’s website– I felt like I am inside a communist country reading up on their celebrity news. It is a shame that Maglipon resorted as an entertainment /gossip editor rather than a legit editor for a major newspaper website seemed like she demoted herself to that. Thanks for posting Orangecountykid– I feel the same way. I have unsubscribed to PEP over a year ago. PEP & Spot.ph is owned by the Gokongwei Group–Summit Media with cooperation with GMA7. Fashion Police on the other hand is not connected.

    • My comment on that blog was also deleted by Fashion Pulis. I merely commented that it is the most inappropriate time to subject a person to a BI. I did not even mention any name. Even if it is just a letter from somebody else, Mic Sy Lim should have a little delicadeza, if he knows the word. May tamang panahon para ilabas ang sulat, if there’s a ring of truth to it. Kung hindi man siya Kristiyano, sana alam din niya ang ethics sa pamamahayag.

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