Unwrapped: Giant Borlas De Pastillas @ SM City Baliwag

IT is gastronomic and cultural experience as SM City Baliwag participated in the international gastronomy congress spearheaded by the Department of Tourism, entitled the Madrid Fusion Manila-Flavors of the Philippines 2017. The Campaign is a month long celebration of foodie events including food festival and fiestas culinary tours and food trips, cook fest, dinner with the stars,  mall wide food events.

Last April 8, 2017 SM City Baliwag unwrapped a 12ft long equivalent to 20kilos of Pastillas in different flavors (dayap, ube, oreo, original pastillas de leche and choconut). This was produced by the famous and original Pastillas founder Olympia “Lola Impiang” Sevilla. Now their store is well-known as Sevilla’s Sweets.

Present during the ceremonial unwrapping  were Baliwag Mayor Ferdie Esrtrella, Tourism Head Dr. Eliseo dela Cruz, Mr. Mike Sevilla- Grandson of Nanay Impiang Founder of Sevilla Sweets, Mrs. Juanita Ocampo- Daughter In-Law of Nanay Luz Ocampo famous “Pabalat” maker, Ramien Ramos- Grand Finalist SM Lil Star 2016 and Arch. Andrew Cristobal- Mall Manager SM City Baliwag.

“We chose pastillas to be our centrepiece since it is a renowned delicacy of Bulacan. One of the favourite Pinoy dessert.” Arch. Cristobal mentioned.

An eye catching 16x16x4 ft. box of Borlas de Pastillas was also mounted in the mall atrium to represent the famous candy made in fresh carabao’s milk  or also known in Spanish as Pastillas de Leche.

Mr. Mike Sevilla now the Sevilla Sweets Head of Operations, taught the kids and parents of ESL Learning Center on how to make pastillas. Hence, Mrs. Juanita Ocampo also shared her experience with the late Nanay Luz Ocampo the traditional colourful “pabalat”. She showed how intricate yet fun to make those pastillas wrapper.

To cap the event SM City Baliwag mall employees helped to mete-out almost five thousand pieces of Pastillas to all shoppers and customers in the mall.


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